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Vitamin E


A new neighbour has been so kind to me recently during my convalescence by loaning me a few books to help me in my recovery. These are books on vitamins and in particular vitamin E. My friend asked for the books to be returned along with a book report. He is a retired teacher, need I say more?

I must be clear; I am very aware of the benefits of vitamin E. Going back to 1963 following a very serious auto accident where I was hospitalised for 5 weeks. The doctors were amazed at the speed of my recovery. My wife, unbeknown to the hospital staff kept me supplied with this wonderful product called (vitamin E) that was forbidden in many hospitals. Certainly not condoned.

Twenty years later, I was stricken again by the follow up of this horrible accident with a large growth on my hip. After three doctors I was back at St. Josephs Hospital in Toronto with a very well-respected plastic surgeon that booked me a 7:00 AM surgery and advised me to have a pickup at 1:00 PM.  At 1:00 I was just recovering from the anesthetic and being told that my recovery could take up to five months in the hospital. Vitamin E was again smuggled in to the hospital and I was discharged in not 5 months but 5 weeks. Needless to say, I have no need for much encouragement in the benefits of the healing power of vitamin E. However, thank you Robert for reminding me to get back on the program.

Now to these books---

Adelle Davis has written -   Let’s Get Well.

This is a paper back that is over 400 pages and not for this high school drop out. It is a detailed coverage from A-Z, from gout and head aches to heart disease, lots of big words and patient problems that become rather boring when the stories do not affect the reader. Diet and small frequent meals are mentioned many times along with how vitamins can be a healthy alternative to drugs. She writes in depth how vitamins can have different reactions on acids in our systems.

Ms Davis has a degree in bio Chemistry and has many degrees from California temples of higher education. Perhaps that is why I found this book difficult. It is an old book written in the early 1960’s in very small print.


Herbert Bailey  -  Vitamin E

The author had a first hand experience with a severe heart attack in the early 1950’s and was told by his doctor that vitamin E had no medical papers written to back up any beneficial claims for humans except for heart benefit to rats, rabbits and dogs. When this book was written in 1964 the AMA had not endorsed Vitamin E and I can attest that in Canada, the medical establishment was no further along in their findings than in the USA. The pioneers in Canada were Dr. E V Shute and his brother Wilfrid. Dr. Evan Shute was a genius and entered high school at the age of 9 and received a scholarship to the U of T at the age of 14. His interest in vitamin E started in 1922, however, he really did not get serious about it’s benefits until 1936. Modest progress was made until 1945 when Dr. Shute’s barber was suffering from angina and was near death. Large amounts of vitamin E was administered and he was cured in three weeks.  It took until 1959 for the FDA to begrudgingly admit that vitamin E was essential to the human body.

This book goes on to list many other health problems vitamin E can help such as liver, kidney, arthritis, peptic ulcers, diabetes, wounds and burns, and more. A very interesting part of this book is the stories about a Dr Hirsch back in 1963. The same year I was doing myself with vitamin E. I do not know where I heard of this vitamin’s benefits but it sure helped me back in those early days.


Wilfred E. Shute M.D.  with  Harald J. Taub  -  Vitamin E for ailing & healthy Hearts.

This is a hard cover book that is recommended reading for any one interested in a healthier life style, even though it was published in 1969.

This is a perfect example of Canadian lack of pride in our home grown. The Shute Brothers (especially Evan) although Wilfred was responsible for this book, should be better recognized for their pioneering in Vitamins, especially (E).  This book is much the same as the two aforementioned but highlights the Shute’s and Dr. Taub and their findings regarding Vitamin E in fighting Coronary, Kidney, diabetes and more.

 All three books are ready with this report to be returned to their owner for lending out once again.

Thank you, good and handsome neighbour.

Perhaps this will afford me a better mark than I really deserve.

Paul D. Scott.


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