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The Great RESET  ( a fantastic answer to all the world’s problems)

June 13th 2021

The world is changing before our eyes. 

When I was born, the United States was just coming off the gold standard.  Gold and silver were no longer the measure of a county’s worth.  It was to be the GNP, Gross National Product. I am not an economist but a country’s worth is not in its precious metal reserves any more but in its ability to produce goods and services. The USA became the world leader and the US dollar the currency of barter around the world. Many countries still hoard gold for a rainy day and China and the USA are still amongst the greatest hoarders. Many less stable currencies such as Bitcoin and many more are trying to unseat the US dollar but are still very volatile and while Billions have been made by speculators, many Billions have also been lost. Debt all over the world has accumulated to the point where the debt worldwide is over 60 trillion dollars, the USA holds abouts half of this enormous amount.

We are drilled day after day about the concerns of our climate, at first it was global cooling and when that was disputed the Liberal establishment turned to Global warming.  Over the past 100 years the average temperature has hardly changed at all and so it is now “Climate Change” The whole world climate structure is changing all the time. These concerns, whether they be man-made or fictionally indoctrinated into the public awareness have opened the door to one more reason for the Oligarchs of this world to introduce another nail into our coffin of humanism and the way of life we have fought and died for.


We were introduced to this new threat to mankind by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and others back in 2016.  A Pandemic is coming, it is inevitable and we must prepare for at least 200 million deaths in the USA alone. Fear is the one emotion that will defeat a society and so it did the World population.  The left media (encouraged by Gates backing) went along with this new fear and so almost the entire population of the world. When you have fear - along with the media, dopy politicians that fear for their position and control and Hollywood dimwits, doctors that are coursed into spreading the vile fake stories of death from covid and scientist who depend on their livelihood from big Pharma conglomerates and a series of big business and social media all so anxious to please China for more wealth from this untapped sea of humanity, it is all falling in place. We are being duped and lied to so that “The Great Reset” can be pushed on the world as an alternative to all the woes we have had to endure from deceitful and corrupt politicians that we have put our faith in for a better world. That is, until some curious citizens start peeling away the scabs of deceit and lies and find that Covid19 is not really much worse than a bad year of the flu. Average world deaths didn’t seem to spike in 2020 from 2019. Testing by every professional in the business will tell you was defective, even destructive and deaths were over exaggerated by the hundreds of thousands. If death was of a head injury and covid was detected it was a covid death. Many doctors are on record of being instructed to misreport these deaths and were quickly censored and threatened if they tried to warn the public.

To-day, as I sit at my dining room table trying to explain what I feel is going on in this world, conspiracy comes to mind, am I a conspiracist? I don’t think so, are those that I mention conspiracists? Probably not as they are quite open about their agenda. Webster, yes, I still refer often to my trusty dictionary, says -- Conspire—1 -to plan and act together secretly, especially in order to commit a crime. 2 -combine or work together for any purpose or effect. But “conspiracy” is defined as – conspiring, especially in an unlawful or harmful plot.

There is no doubt that this is a colossal plot, unlawful, perhaps, harmful, yes to many except the few managing this scheme.  To put it quite clearly, this is Socialism with a twist.  One of the authors and architects of this new reset is a German Oligarch and economist that is chairman of the World economic forum. Watch for this man in the future, His name is Klaus Schwab and he is out for world dominance. The unvarnished plot is to forgive all debt and replace it with total subservience to the system. You will own nothing but be well cared for and supplied with all your basic needs equal to what you have donated to the system. You may have to share your home with other families and perhaps share a car and other assets with others. You will be treated as have the covid recipients receiving a weekly amount determined by the system.  Does this sound outrages and impossible to comprehend? This is exactly what the German population thought in the early 1930’s. “not possible, this Hitler is a right-wing clown.”  Klaus Schwab is a product of Nazi Germany and must be aware of the teachings of the third Reich when Hitler proclaimed that he was never afraid to perpetrate the most outrageous lies to his people for they would come to believe them when they were repeated often enough. Our media trained by the radical left and financed by the billionaire Bill Gates is corrupt and can influence a whole society when evil is its sponsor. Fear and confusion also play a major part in bringing a society in line with the proletariat. 

 Let me share a short true story that happened shortly after the Wall came down in Berlin. I was an Inn keeper at the time when we were to host two young women from Germany. One of the girls was from West Berlin and the other was stranded for many years from her friend in the eastern sector. When the wall came down the two girls were able to once again renew their friendship, and to celebrate the one girl was treating her friend to a trip to Canada. I asked the girl from east Germany how she liked finally being free from Communism and be able to live a life with few restrictions again.  Her response was staggering. She indicated that this vacation was not impressive at all, few restrictions? I have to make decisions I never had to make in Soviet held Berlin. She liked living under a Socialist regime. She had a small room, a job she could go to or not, money enough to go to the bars at night and no responsibilities to anyone or anything. She went on to say, now I have to get and keep a job, pay taxes, pay rent and look after myself. Her friend seemed somewhat taken back but I was shocked. They were my guests and so I had to refrain from expressing my distain and would have confronted her except for the conditions. What a total ingrate this girl was. Is this the kind of person Communism produces? I hope that I will never see my country and her people turn to such a state where no one is allowed to think or do for themselves. Mankind needs to have a feeling of pride and self-worth to be truly happy.

However, this is what some very powerful people have in mind for our future. We are not talking nonsense here and if we do not face up to the possible future soon, it may be our downfall as a free society.  

Many high-profile people are on board with Schwab. Prime minister Trudeau, PM of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, Sleepy Joe Biden, Prince Charles, former VP Al Gore and so many more. Big business and high tech as well as the social media will want a piece of this pie for sure. I t appears to me that the only sector of our country that would not want this is the legitimate legal John Doe who pays his taxes and is your average family man and wife struggling to make our world better, not worse. Will we have a say if it comes to reality?  

In my research, I have just viewed since writing the above, a video from the Netherlands that has explained far better than I, how and why our world is going to be turned upside-down in the very near future. If you are a student of the Bible and have read the books of Daniel and Revelations, you will have some idea as to why all of this makes perfect sense. The Bible did not explain the details that the ordinary layman can understand in 20th century language as to the last days but what is being played out in front of our eyes should be taken very seriously. Evil is afoot and we best smarten up before it is too late. This is the century of the devil and evil forces. This Is not our will but God’s plan. A test to see who can stand strong against the forces of evil. How can we determine what is right and what is wrong?  Who do we follow?  If we decide to follow the majority, it is obvious that the path to take is the easy one, take the vaccine, not one but two and more as the big pharma will be demanding, it seems to be working now, but is it? What can we expect in the future? Big pharma can’t or won’t tell us because proper long-term testing has been ignored. If we do as we are told and follow the rules laid out for immunity, why must we continue to stay 6 feet apart? Why are we told to not associate with other healthy people who do not have the Vaccine? Why are masks still mandatory when it has been proven over and over, they are useless against these viruses. Why when these questions are asked publicly, are they censored? Why are our doctors and scientists muffled and censored when offering alternative answers to this terrible situation? Why are we being told that if we do not follow the rules that have been laid out by people that have not even been elected to these decision-making positions, that we must have papers allowing access to various venues of entertainment, travel and more. Is this not bordering on total submission to the elite and unelected power-hungry Oligarchs and huge Corporations?  If these questions play on your heart as they do mine, why would you not consider standing up and saying, is there another answer and way to approach this life altering situation?

I would highly recommend a viewing of the video on your own, and others. Sure, there are charlatans trying to sell you something or twist your mind so we must be vigilant and be able to assess their motifs.

 I found this film on Dark Horse podcast hosted by Bret Weinstein interviewing Dr. Pierre Kory who has written ten papers on covid19.  DR. Kory is very well respected for his many accomplishments in the scientific field but is terribly frustrated that he and many of his associates that are experts but do not agree with the present theories is being ignored and censored. Kory has had and witnessed many encouraging recoveries from covid patients with the use of a drug   called Ivermectin (Strometol). If one were to see the positive results many 3rd. World countries have had with the introduction of this inexpensive off patent drug used for parasites in farm animals and recently as a cure for Sepsis in humans which kills about 1000 Americans a day, Vaccines that seem to be doing a so-so job would be replaced by this drug and a lot of expensive procedures would be eliminated costing the drug industry Billions of dollars of profit. Profit always comes before human good and wellbeing.

  The subject title “The Great Reset” is still the focus of my story. As all of the above is working like a well-constructed orchestra. The concert master holds the baton and the players are all in sync and playing their parts as directed. We are the audience humming along with the tune except we are not enjoying the performance. Somehow the players are out of tune.  The music does not make any sense. Do we stay and endure the confusion and the terrible notes and disharmony, or do we dismiss ourselves from the concert hall before our heads burst a blood vessel?

I can’t tell you what to think or how to live your life but I can suggest that you not be so naive as to think the government or the leaders of a certain area of expertise have all the answers. You are your own destiny. 

“Now is the time to start creating the future we do want – because if we don’t have vision for ourselves, we become part of someone else’s vision. If you don’t plan your life someone else will and you will live someone else’s dream.”                          “Paul Bragg”         


Paul D. Scott

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