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The CRAP Never Stops


My 7th book is finally completed and ready for a final edit before going to the printer. It is called “Time Will Tell” there are many reasons I came up with this title but the main one was, the book is a compilation of short stories going back prior to covid. Half of my 221-page book is mainly about my research and the predictions of many experts as to the future of this scary man-made infection on the world. It is uncanny how the experts that have been so heavily censored have been so very close in their predictions to what has actually happened and is happening as I write this piece. We are entering the fall season and there will be an uptake in covid. This has been expected but not to the severity we will be seeing if the predictions are correct. The old variants of covid are past and the new ones that have become stronger due to the vaccines are going to target the lungs of those who have had multiple Clot Shots and boosters. This is starting to show up in Israel and Portugal, two countries that boast the highest vaccine rate in the world. The world of antivax is looking at the UK to determine if this is a trend or a real concern. Apparently, those unvaxed will have little to fear of this deadly onslaught because of their natural immunity.  Look for the new variants as BA2.1 - BA4 - BA5.  They will have a higher infectious rate with the vaccinated population. Time will tell if this warning has any truth or not. Taken from the podcast “Highwire”.

The CDC have just released reports they have known for some time but kept under wraps until forced by a court order.  This is very damming to the pro vax crowd as it proves without question the severity of getting further shots. Vaers has been the only guide on vaccine results and at best their figures were very understated. Many took their numbers as about 1% of the actual count.  We are supposed to respect the reports from the CDC and this may be one of the rare occasions you will see the true numbers.  They are astounding numbers and are only for the USA. 

Sample poled 100.002 million US citizens. 

Vaccinated   88,002 million

Medical care after vax  20.2 million

Joint pain medium to high  10.5 million

For a complete list go to the CDC web site if it is still up and see for yourself or, Ben Armstrong @ Brighteon.

Parents stop playing Russian Roulette with your children’s lives. Statistics show that children from 0 – 19 have a death rate from covid  of 0.0027%.


Paul D. Scott.

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