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My Financial Advisor

May 24 2023


As I sit here composing in my mind my thoughts for my next blog posting, so many stories flow through this old man’s head. My first thought was my title, it sounds a bit like something a much more talented writer than I would set out as a title. I think I must look for my old well-read copy of “Sunshine Sketches“ by Stephen Leacock. Leacock called Orillia home and mentioned only once by my grandfather, when we were fishing for Bass on Lake Simcoe.       “Not a very nice man actually, made fun of a lot of us town locals” I don’t know if grandpa knew Leacock but he sure knew some of his stories about the characters living in and around the sunshine town that I called home in the summer.

 My Grandfather was a character in his own rite. He was a {Fagan boy} sent from England by Dr. Fagan as being incorrigible when his only fault was, he was the only son of a single mom with two daughters and a son she was incapable of supporting. Dr. Fagan did a similar service in Great Britain as the famous Dr. Bernardo. They both raised money to relieve widowed mothers of their sons and sent them to Canada and Australia to work on farms.  Grandpa landed in Canada and sent to Caledon Ontario, to a small farm as a farm worker indentured to the farmer until he was 18 years old.  Imagine, a boy of 9 years old in a foreign land and under the supervision of a cruel landlord, alone with very little education and having to live in a vegetable cellar under the kitchen. He escaped to Toronto when he was 13 and made his way in life as best he could.   He died at 63 leaving my grandmother with two houses on Bartlet Ave. in Toronto and a summer cottage in Orillia.

Enough of my family history except to say that I am proud of my heritage from both sides.  Franklin & Peppiett – Scott & Smith.

I saw in my family the desire to work hard and be a benefit to their chosen country. The one desire for my wife and myself was to accumulate enough wealth to pass on to our two sons so they would be able to live a comfortable life when we were gone. I am sure that this would not have been as much of a concern if Michael and Richard had not been born with a handicap of being deaf from birth. I am sure our lives would have been far more ordinary if we had not been challenged with this life changing situation.

We have been most fortunate to have had a fantastic financial advisor over this past almost 40 years. Rhonda has been more than we could hope for in that she was always looking to better our financial position and has become a dear friend as well. As with our special lawyer in Orillia, Rhonda has decided to retire but not leave us without a back-up. We hope to build a relationship as strong with our new friend, Ron.   Our boys will be fine but only because we prepared them as best we could with a large insurance policy. They are both retired now and we are still on the scene paying monthly premiums. We would not be in the financial position we enjoy without our friend Rhonda. We wish her all the best that this world can offer to an honest and hard-working professional that has always had only one objective, and that being the best she could do for her clients.

Thank you, dear friend. 


Paul Scott.

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