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Not my Canada,  again.



Here we are again.  I have written about this before so this will be an update but for me it is just the same complaints in another script.  However, I feel I must get this Monkey off my back. 

When I go out, anywhere, it seems that I have been transported to a new and different country.  In some parts, mostly in the larger cities, it will take form in the colour of the people. Where I am living now, I see differences in dress, tattoos on all parts of the human anatomy, cell phones at almost everyone’s ear or on their laps playing at who knows what. We as a culture seem to have to be occupied or entertained at every waking minute we are upright. Many conversations with friends are interrupted by someone advising that the pad has the answer and who would argue the total confidence we are putting in that little bundle of so called knowledge. It of course has taken the human thoughts out of the scenario and replaced it with, in many cases, propaganda. Thinking for ourselves is not necessary any more it seems.

If our friends south of us have problems, here in Canada our situation is even more dire, we do not have any worthwhile alternative to a corrupt left-wing government, media and legal system.  As it has been proven time and time again by just witnessing the Clinton family, Obama and Progressives, Democrats give up their morals, their religious faith and their desire to maintain a strong country free of government deceit and corruption. 

We in Canada are following faithfully in the footsteps like Lemmings of our left wing whackoes in the USA. The queen, our sovereign leader is represented by an agnostic, if not an atheist while the queen is the head of the Anglican church. Make some sense out of that. Many will come down hard on this next remark when I say we in Canada need a “Trump” to dispel all the evil that has been building up over the past 60 years. We need to drain our own swamp.

Thank God, I can still have an opinion and not get thrown to the Wolves for it, or can I? The wolves have tasted my blood before.

The football players of the NFL are protesting by kneeling when their anthem is played and that is supposed to be a declaration against police brutality but it has morphed into a protest against Trump and the USA, so what ever pops into the heads of these over indulged overpaid bruisers is OK.

I do not want to be a flag burner or show any disrespect toward our veterans or the founders of this country.  I do think it is high time that we bring our leaders to be accountable to the people, the voters and citizens of our Canada. The recent McGuinty closing of the Gas plants costing we the people hundreds of billions of our taxes, and to have our legal system manipulated by our present premier to have no accountability or blame put on the Premier and his thugs is inconceivable. Ms.Wynn was one of the back room decision makers of that scandal and should be held responsible. Throw her in jail with many more.  How can we see justice played out in our courts when this travesty is swept under the rug and hopefully forgotten.  Respect for our courts and our leaders is at an all-time low.  Our media will not report the true news.  Just where in Canada can we get an accurate and complete picture with a bright light shining on all these rats that are in the shadows of the media and the courts.

The “Rebel Media” struggles to stay ahead of the left wing brown shirts trying every trick in the book to silence any thing that could cause people to lift some rocks to expose these verminous creatures.   Some of our newspapers are making a feeble effort but how many under the age of 50 read the paper now?  Ask any one under 30 if they have ever read a newspaper and you will find the answer to be very enlightening. YouTube and others in the US electronic media are even censoring conservatives like radio commentator Dennis Prager. If we don’t act to correct this imbalance in our media, free speech for some will be as dead as the Doe-Doe bird.

We are being made slaves by the native people here as they are not true citizens of Canada by their own admission, they look upon themselves as still being a separate nation but are still at the back door looking for more hand outs.  Muslims that were never a problem are now demanding their own Sharia laws and are getting closer to their objectives at the expense of our hard fought legal system.  Young black gangs in our inner cities are a large problem and are causing deaths among their own and becoming a threat to our society.  Muslim radicals seem to be influenced by their Imams and Muslim peers to do unthinkable atrocities against their brothers and any one who will not follow their demented religion of hate.

Our federal government has legalised everything that at one time was illegal or at least frowned upon by my generation. Abortion on demand, transgender marriage, many drugs, alcohol, gambling and any thing where they can grab more revenue to bribe us into electing them over and over. Legalising the sex trade is next.

But what about the hard decisions like the simple fact that we have no real protection from our adversaries. Our armed forces are at the weakest point in our recent history. If the hoards of Chinese or even a tribe of our own native folks decided to take up arms against us, what would we do? The indigenous are 1.2 million and our kitchen knives and pitchforks would be no match against their bows and arrows and tomahawks.  Justin and his gang of followers might make it to a bunker until the savagery was over. Then of course he would give the conquerors some beads and new poles for their teepees and a few Bic lighters and they would be able to start all over again. Snow machines and SUV’s would be negotiable. Perhaps Bombardier would have a volume discount.  No Tax of course. Our smiling Prime minister loves to take credit for passing out millions of our taxes to needy countries, that would cut our throats, while at home we have families here that are freezing and starving.

My rants may seem ludacris to many but to we seniors it is very hard to ignore the obvious. This is not the Canada that was so special when I was boy.  This is a harsh society and not a pleasant place to be any more. Where are the finer points of good taste and doing for others rather than the me me me first, attitude? My generation is almost gone, our values will soon be forgotten. I fear that the next is going to have a far different world to occupy.  A Godless nation is a doomed nation.


Paul D. Scott



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