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Frustration & Anger

April 15th.2023


These are frustrating times for most of us that are awake to the world around us. For me, my frustration has manifested into anger. I have written about much of our society being taken over by, (who knows what) I wrote this article in June 2022. The title is “Mass Formation”. Mattias Desmet, a professor at Ghent University in Belgium has explained in great detail that we are again in our world seeing as high as 90% of the world population in a fog of a semi-hypnotic state. We have been duped by our governments and the media to believe the lies of big pharma. This is by no means a new phenomenon, most recently it was an occurrence in Russia and Germany and many other societies. It has for many years baffled science and humanists as to how a civilized and cultured people in a country like Germany could be taken over by the Nazi propaganda machine. Well educated doctors, scientists, highly cultured men and women, taken under the spell of Mass Formation. In our world which has been made much smaller with the advent of all the communication advancements, Mass Formation had no problem encompassing the world population. The results are becoming more evident one year later.  I would much rather not be the one to say, I told you so, but sadly, that seems to be the case in so many sobering predictions I have reported on over the past 30 months. They are now coming to fruition in these times.

I was alarmed at my brother Wayne’s sudden death. The report from the sergeant of police that witnessed the trauma, said it was the most horrifying death she had witnessed in her 35 years of service, and yet, 6 months later the coroner’s report simply said death by heart failure. It may have been heart failure but my question as to what the cause was, never got addressed. At the time of Wayne’s death, I was convinced that it was the jab, however, I did not want to allow my inner most gut feelings to cloud the issue. At that time, vaccine experts were predicting strange deaths in the future that could take months if not years to materialize and cause the medical community to be confused.

Perhaps it’s a bit early to determine if the predictions are true but I have heard personal stories that people with multiple injections of the gunk are having strange things happening to their bodies. Collapsing and when regaining consciousness with no strength in their legs and body, shingles, flu like symptoms, raspy cough being told that they had covid but not receiving treatment and sending the patient home. Healthy airplane pilots dying in the cockpit. Heart attacks and Myocarditis attacks. Cancer taking over the body in record time, brain tumors and vital organs failing in previously healthy people. If it wasn’t bad enough being on the receiving end of these ailments, being lied to by your doctor because the protocol will never put the blame on the (vaccine) gunk. The medical profession is in a very difficult spot as they are jeopardizing their livelihood if they go against our depraved governments.

It is extremely difficult when friends and family are having these unexplained health problems and not be given the opportunity to explain and perhaps help them.  My experience has been limited to this point with only a few times when I would say, can I explain why I think you are having these problems. The wall goes up and it is as if all sensibility has been drained from their bodies and replaced by a numbing brain fog. A recent study has come up with this statistic.  -  There are more than 45% as many deaths after the covid shots than all the flu vaccine deaths combined since 1990.  Many vaccine specialists are now admitting that covid vaccine is not as benign as we were told by the media. Slowly the truth is coming out but many will die in the time we refuse to listen to reason. This makes me very angry. The truth is out there and all it takes is a little curiosity as to why are we getting repeated cases of covid or its variance when we keep taking the Jab?  Please explain the rational.

Science has already determined that, yes, for a few hours after taking the jab your immune system has been stimulated and your chance of getting the virus a few hours after getting the jab is rare, but then you are many times more vulnerable as your natural immunity has once again been reduced even more to the point, you have so much spike protein in your body that it will begin to fail. GOT-IT?  If you have taken only one shot, you are probably going to be OK if you are in general good health. You are playing with fire after taking two shots and for those who are committed to compromising their health by taking more than two shots and boosters, the experts hold little hope for your continued good health. We are told that this may not manifest itself for some time, but your body will be very negatively affected by all the spike protein you have taken. Science is working on a procedure to give you a chance of a decent life if you have insisted on jabbing yourself as my brother did multiple times. But I have not heard of any breakthroughs yet. It is hard to replicate the perfection of our Heavenly Father when it comes to body parts.

                 WORLD,  please stop the Madness!

Paul D. Scott.

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