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May 21/20


It is now 14 months since I declared to my wife and niece that we were going to have to sacrifice ourselves to a couple of weeks of lockdown, perhaps longer until this covid 19 blows over. Joan’s niece Brenda had moved in with us on a temporary basis to assist in my recovery from cancer surgery and also because she needed a place to hang her hat as she was making some career changes. I remember the circumstances vividly thinking, “or maybe longer, what if this Covid goes on for a year or so?”  Well, here we are with no real serious thoughts that our lives will ever be normal again, certainly never to go back to the way it was just a short time ago.  Trump was taking the USA back to its rightful place on the world scene, relative calm was returning to our lives with lower unemployment, the XL oil pipeline was back on track, the never-ending anger against Trump was always front and center but things were going forward and life was relatively good.  In spite of Canadians having to tolerate a second-class inferior government and leader.

 Who could have predicted what a change we have just witnessed? In only 14 months, Trump is gone, the hopes of the sane Americans have been trashed by the evil skills of a whacko left wing of the Democratic party that has highjacked otherwise sane men and women into subservience. This radical group of criminals are out for changes  that will never allow things to return the way they were  in our lifetime..

I am saddened to see how we as a nation, and I speak for my Canada and America, “for the past 40 years we have spent almost as much time in the US as in my birthplace,” are bowing to the evil satanic wishes of a small group of Alegars, billionaires and mad scientists. How could we imagine that the likes of Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and Andrew Fauci and friends could take control of so much of our free world that it appears that we will never see what we have worked so hard to achieve again.  My family whom I haven’t seen for months may be surprised if they ever see us again before we pass, how much we have aged. They say they will be happy to visit again when things get back to normal, I fear they never will.

 I am also in contempt of our religious leaders with the exception of a few that have taken a stand against the establishment and have fought back demanding our God given and constitutional rights to assemble. Are we as Christians receiving direction as to the Bible prophesies regarding the end times? Is not the proposed directive already in law in some countries that all those without an inoculation passport will be restricted from many freedoms? Is this passport pre- the sign of the beast (666)?  Are we seeing our health sciences now being combined with politics as we saw in Nazi Germany in the late 1930’s? Are we to wear masks to show our obedience to the system as did the Jews when they were forced to wear the yellow star? This has been repulsed by the world since the Nuremburg trials following the second world war.  Where are our religious leaders with a moral compass to change these immoral acts?

I along with my mother and father and my soon to- be wife attended a Billy Graham rally in the old Maple Leaf Gardens. There was not an empty seat in this vast assembly and we were taken with the message and the response to Mr. Graham.  In another blog on this site, I have printed a very sobering statement from Billy’s son Franklin. It expresses the concerns for our people and our beloved country. There will be many tears before the saving grace of our Lord’s return.

I have been in conversation only with my family with limited telephone calls and through the internet over the past year.  Naturally, my grandsons are far ahead of me with their knowledge of all the electronics that have emerged over the past 80 years, this puts me at a slight disadvantage when discussing world problems.  Mainly because I do not have the skills to be aware of the faults this new technology has. Who says that Snopes or Factcheck have the final word?  Are they not run by ordinary people with prejudice and bias?  It seems to me that they have been proven wrong on more than one occasion. I do have one advantage and that is actual hands-on experience and the ability to be curious enough to find out the truth about things, I  am not fully informed on. I hope and pray that my family will have the freedom to experience these freedoms. I fear they will not. I have led by all accounts a more than normal life.  I don’t see it that way but my friends for many years say differently.

As I reflect my past, I have seen and experienced what they have not. At 85 years old, I have a lot of time to look back into my past, I didn’t have enough time to do all I wanted to do. I was active in restoring old boats and houses, in travel all over the world, I hired my first employee before I could legally smoke, I did everything I wanted and if I was told it was too big a challenge, I set out to make them wrong. I have to admit that I was very lucky and my partner and wife was always there for my strength when all looked too bleak to carry on.

 In reflection, don’t say that UFOs are fiction, I have witnessed them. We were in China just prior to its great revival and made friends with some of the most beautiful people in China, the Philippines, Turkey, the Baltic, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, South America the USA and Canada. We are all very much alike, we humans. White, black, yellow and brown. we all treasure our families, love freedom and crave one another’s company.  The left whackos in the USA and the Alegars and ultra-wealthy as well as overzealous scientists are doing their best to break down our treasured relationships one with another. Pitting white against black and black against Asian, and everyone against Latinos.  The Progressive Woke cult must be put down for what it is, evil and dangerous.

I am pondering our place in this world as I write these words and wonder as has Franklin Graham, is it too late?  Have we gone too far down this road of perversion and fear?

All of my friends that endured the second world war are gone now but I am old enough to have had meaningful conversations about their experiences. Some were soldiers and others had one on one contact with the enemy occupying their country. The atrocities were just too horrible to believe and so many did not until it was too late. Hitler more than once said, “tell a lie that is so outrages that no one could think it to be true or possible, eventually if it is told often enough, it will be believed”. I believe we are going through a similar time here in North America and especially in the United States. “I can’t believe they expect us to believe that” is what we are saying to one another.  I guess it is more unbelievable the older we are. For my grandsons, they believe everything is going to return to the good old days. Those days were just a short 18 months ago.  For me, the good old days were in the 50’s.  When we married in 1958 and purchased our first home, a three-bedroom bungalow for $15,000.00 with a mortgage rate of 6% and a take home income of $5,000.00 a year, we thought we had died and gone to heaven. My neighbour just had a porch built at her back door for almost the same outlay, over $14,000.00. Our values are distorted and unbelievable.

I had a bit of blow-back over a year ago when I questioned Bill Gates and his motifs regarding many suspicious dealings and people he was  allying himself to. How could you even think of accusing such a fine human being?  I was asked.  Well, I guess I was not too far off base as his wife is asking for a divorce. We are also finding out why all this money is so generously being given to charity, much of it to medical, education and agriculture institutions.  It is called POWER, PROFIT and CONTROL. Get these three in line with Big Agriculture, Education and the Medical and Big Pharm., and you are on your way to world dominance. This is what the scuttlebutt is all about in many circles.  Perhaps not in yours or mine but that is mainly because we have been deprived of free speech for some time now. Oh – and by the way, billionaires do not give their money away quite as generously as you would think. We always thought the money was to be given to a Trust fund to be generously given to worthwhile charities like the blind and deaf, the down and out and or struggling families, some will go to these worthwhile causes but the Lion’s share will be funneled to where large pay back will be forthcoming in the future. Trust funds are not where the money goes either. If you have large gobs of money and are in no further need of more and larger homes, airplanes, boats, cars, or Caribbean private islands, then start a (LLC) in which to hoard your wealth. Many billionaires now open a Limited Liability company (LLC) which can invest in for-profit companies, make political donations and they are not subject to rules and oversights of a charitable foundation. The company or foundation can be transferred to their children. It is quite obvious where we can go with this and it is not a pretty sight. As well as having to keep control over ultra-ambitious government we are now having to face unelected powerful control freak billionaires with government at their bidding. Not something to look forward to. Is this scenario something we should be fearful of?  Is it too late to warn and convince our leaders and politicians?   If we take a good look at our society and the way some would have us be led, yes, there are concerns and we must be more vigilant. We can only learn from our past and try not to make the same mistakes as they did in Germany when, because so much paper money was printed to support the government that you would need a wheelbarrow filled for the purchase of a loaf of bread.  When many Germans could not see the clouds forming in the wake of a terrible storm, the killing of over 6 million Jews because they were the carriers of terrible diseases, and the fear of a terrible war that took many millions more in its wake was to be the future for an agonizing 6 years. When politics and health care are intertwined, only trouble can come of it. Look to the past for a clearer look at the future.

Most have no idea who Klaus Schwab is. I would recommend a look see as he is quite secretive except for revealing himself with his newly published book titled “Covid 19 The Great Reset” I am told that this is a revelation into a plan for World dominance where no one will own anything and we as a race will be quite content to be managed from our first to our last breaths. Fear has taken over our souls and we must reject this to save our country and our sanity. 

 Paul D. Scott

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