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New Dilemmas


I am not a very well-educated man. I have had a long and eventful life and I would like it to continue for as long as I am given reasonable health.  My formal education only lasted part way into grade 10 and then I have been learning ever since through the School of Hard Knocks.

Does that make any sense?  So much we observe of those making decisions is that they make decisions without any visible sense. We have a mountain being created in our city on prime land on a main street with soil that is being trucked in from who knows where, (probably contaminated) within a stone’s throw of a shopping mall, a residential community and get this, a major river. It could never be used for snow sports as there is too much going on at the base.  Who or what committee would approve this colossal boondoggle?

Our province is full of dopes, that make life changing decisions, that could not operate a two-burner hot plate. We generate enough electricity through Windmills and Solar panels that have increased the rates to astronomical highs. We sell the over production at next to nothing to our power-hungry neighbours in the USA. The great Natural resource, Niagara Falls, I am told it is only utilized at much under their maximum capacity. Millions have been spent at the Falls to increase the capacity there, and it has never been opened. Our money, yours and mine.

Why when our country is rated at the 3rd. highest oil and gas reserves in the world are we so intent on putting our population to paying some of the highest energy costs in the western world.? We the people should be enjoying the fact that we are privileged to be here and the rewards should be shared by our citizens.  But no, our wise leaders want to move to unproven and costly energy that has put a financial burden on every family in our province. We the citizens are not able to act because those in power have put themselves in a position of absolute power.  Court action and rebellion does not deter these people as they manipulate the laws to suit their needs.

Money and the love of it means power and every person no matter how well meaning they are, that enter politics will be tainted eventually except for those that have more money and power going in. That is why, despite the crazy things said and done by Trump, I will take him over any politician I have ever met. It is humorous to watch the political elite as they squirm and bobble their empty heads trying to figure out the actions of this non-politician. He has completely confused the little Rocket man of North Korea to the point where he has sent word to Washington to explain where Trump is coming from and is he really serious when he threatens this little piece of garbage.

The media and the few elite running Washington, Liberal and Conservative, who really knows who they are? have done everything in their power to sway the public to their ways that for years have done nothing to make our society what it has the potential to be. I think it was Jefferson that said, “An uninformed and ignorant society will perish”- That would seem the direction we are headed. I am Canadian but have spent over 30 years as a Snow Bird and have observed Canada and the USA as travelling down the same slippery slope to extinction. Canada in many ways is slipping much faster but we are oblivious to the speed we are travelling.     

Paul D. Scott


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