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LIBERALS    -   Will they ever learn?

April 16th.2024

I have a love/hate relationship with my local newspaper. I hate the stupidity of some of the writers that have a left-wing agenda and see no good in dialogue or discussion with anyone that does not hold their same feelings. The paper itself rarely prints an article with a bi-partisan approach and you will never see Trump in a positive light. To agree with him on his comments or ambitions would be treason to the party and would, and many times has, brought on dismissal of the perpetrator. That is the hate part that is very distasteful.

The love part is, I still think many can be saved from this lack of consideration of a difference of opinion with time and perseverance. When reason and common sense is sprinkled in, perhaps some headway can be accomplished. I love reading the paper because it stimulates me to write and use my brain to try to rationalize my opposition’s point of view. There is at times some logic and I am moved to change my mind occasionally on some topics, but very few.

Mark Bulgutch, former senior executive producer at the CBC stated in an article headed “It’s time for Poilievre to offer policy options”. This is not new rhetoric from the Liberals, they don’t seem to understand that when you criticize your opponent, it is because you don’t agree with their decisions and the logical assumption would be that the policy would be different or the opposite to theirs.  As an example – If the Liberals want to close a pipeline which will have a detrimental effect on the economy of the country, and the opposition opposes it, that is the policy of the opposer- the opposite.  Their policy is to keep the pipeline open. That can’t be too hard to understand, and let the economy flourish.  Bulgutch goes on to name all the government botches they have made over the last eight years. He cites the following,

Poilievre has blamed Trudeau for - High food prices - inflation - the housing crisis - the state of Health care - Bad relations with India -    Weak national defense – Violent and non-violent crime - Drug addiction – Lax of security of our infectious disease lab - Immigration chaos and much more. I would add - a lack of morals and the disregard of the Ten Commandments in our laws, from which our Canada was founded.

What more proof is there to want a change in our government?

And now to continue on my rampage.  We have just relaxed from the endless news flashes for the eclipse of the sun. It was good to have the news media all in lock step on a different subject than politics.  Unfortunately, the eclipse was a bit underwhelming as the sun was mostly covered by a blanket of clouds. We saw part of the eclipse but not the Corona. I was so looking forward to seeing that through my binoculars. We can’t blame the Liberals for the clouds, although I do have friends that can make a case for even that. However, our head of the Niagara region, former Liberal MPP Jim Bradley really put a Kibosh on the Niagara Falls festivities by declaring a National Emergency. Whether it was to try to get government funds or perhaps because he is a politician and needed to be in control. He overstepped his place and showed poor judgement. Niagara Falls took a blow with hotel cancellations and a drop from what should have been a spectacular opening to the tourist season.  The most sought out tourist attraction in Canada was affected financially by an old meddlesome left-wing politician. A National emergency is not to be declared without good cause and discouraging tourists coming to Canada’s biggest tourist attraction is not good cause.  Shame on you Jim Bradley.

 Cathline Swift, of the (CCMBC) wrote that perhaps our young people are being negatively influenced by the far-left agenda of not taking risks and playing it safe. No risk takers in this great country could be fatal for our future.  If we want all our decisions to be made by others, this is a great example. Are we becoming a land of National Wimps?


Paul D. Scott                   


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