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Scars of Life

Feb 8th 2024


Only through old age and experience of life and its many facets can we truly appreciate scars. Scars for young boys are a sort of rite of passage but in young women they can be devastating. We are used to scars on the body but just as ravishing are the hidden scars left on the mind. Some surgical scars will fade away in time but most are there for life. Many go through life unscathed while many of us bear our scars in many ways. Scars of the internal kind, the soul and the mind will be hard for many to hide. For others their scars will be forever hidden but may have a very negative effect on their personality.  Many, venting their scars is the only way to rid their minds of a pressure that can be unbearable. They often feel better after.  I find that venting through a close friend or relative is helpful, and prayer with your Heavenly Father

is always your best starting point.

Our physical scars are another story. My first scars as a small child were on my hand given me by my little brother while we were sword fighting with wooden swords, and a scar on my lower lip from a rocking chair. Sadly, many more were to follow. Woman are scared with stretch marks in child birth or from a hysterectomy surgery or breast cancer.  We are all victims of scars from accidents big or small.  I can’t help thinking when I see a scar, it is not an ugly thing that needs to be covered, but were it not for that scar, you might not be alive to display it.  

Paul D. Scott.     

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