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The Last Three Years (2019--22)

“The Living Archive Project”

July 7th, 23

Nothing in this world happens without a purpose. My faith if nothing else has taught me that when a door of life is closed, look and you will find another wide open for you to pass through.  For me, every door closure has led me to a better place.

Almost five years ago, I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and given six months to live. That was a pretty big door closing quickly on a life that was for many looking on, very eventful. Of course, for me, I had better look for another door to enter or I would be at the heavenly Gates, looking at the inevitable door to my next adventure.  I was in my 82ndyear but not really ready to go through that last door.  Due to my inquiring mind and a skeptical attitude toward the medical system in Canada, and a desire to know as much as I could about my condition, I started doing some research.  I found very quickly that my goose was pretty well cooked and there were few options to avoid death.  My new friend, a retired MD came and spent 2-3 hours explaining my options for dying, not living, but I was determined that this was not my time. Following a twelve-hour operation and a couple of weeks in recovery and now at 87 years old, I am still here.

Now I know that according to my title and the requirements for this piece, we are to focus on the last three years. So here goes; In Canada, the needle was to be given 1st to the most vulnerable age group, our seniors. Being in our 80’s my wife and I were top of the list and given a release form to sign and a date for our first jab two weeks hence. Our second jab was scheduled for mid-summer as the government would not have sufficient supplies to follow Pfizer’s regiment of the second shot to be administered within 21 days. Red flags went up and looking at my wife who has a great psychic brain, we agreed there was a smell that had to be found before advancing to be poked with an unknown substance that neither the manufacturer nor the government would stand behind, with a list of ingredients and a guarantee. Our suspicions were confirmed with a conversation with a member of our regional health department as she agreed this sounded more like a political move than true medicine and science. While we have never been either for or against vaccines, our children were vaxed with all the required ones in their day but there was something that did not make sense to either of us and our health was very vulnerable at this stage. The last thing we wanted to do was, be injected with a foreign substance that by now due to my research was showing very questionable concerns about both short term and long-term results.  My research became an obsession and my findings were posted on my web page I am still posting stories and updating my findings. Some of these postings are in my latest book called “Time Will Tell”.

The impact from the covid debacle has not been as serious or life threatening for me as it has for many, but it has given us a taste of what our children and grandchildren are to experience in the future. It does not seem to be going away. It is far too profitable to not be used again and again in the future. In spite of all our warnings, only one of our immediate family followed our lead and rejected the first shot. We are not jabbed and did not wear masks except where we were obliged to by law, nor did we get the covid 19 virus. We did get a bad dose of the flu that took us down for a couple of weeks, but to repeat, we did avoid getting covid19.  We did take 8,000 units of vitamin D, along with C, E, B12, coQ10, pro biotics and zinc per day and we did avoid being in crowded surroundings. Our order from abroad of Ivermectin was stopped at the border, we did not lose our $600.00 as it was returned to us by the supplier. Ivermectin and Oxichloraquin were totally banned in Canada and still not unavailable. My younger brother died a horrible death, we think from the covid shots but we have no proof. The authorities were not forthcoming with an honest coroner’s report. We have been rejected by family and friends for our views and beliefs. We have been called names such as, ignorant, uninformed, bigoted, biased, nationalist, populist and neo nazi. This is not what we expected from our friends and neighbours.

My being saved from cancer to spend the last three years through covid has caused me to reflect and ask the question. Was it worth it? The answer would have to be a hesitant, yes! I have learned a great deal from observing my fellow friends in the past three years. I have learned by observing the actions of humanity, traits that I would have argued were not possible.  I would hope that my family have learned a little more about me, but I must admit I doubt it. My Bible has been opened far more in the past three years and that has been a good thing for my spiritual growth. Our social life is now very quiet compared to pre covid days. We are strangers in our own land.

 I must admit that I am from a distant generation and have talked to my family that fought in the great war. Not many today can remember talking to an uncle about his WW1 experiences. Many of my buddies, veterans of WW2, are gone and I miss them very much.

By all things that are normal, this generation has experienced a pandemic that should be a rare and a once in a lifetime occurrence. We cannot count on that today. Millions have died and more millions have been negatively affected by these events. But a few Ego maniacs with no moral fiber will try to repeat this tragedy again and again. Money, control and power will drive humanity to lows that are inconceivable.

We, the general public are still in the majority and we need to see and understand the evil behind these present-day events.  Research and Knowledge are of the utmost priority to avoid another three years of Hell on Earth.


Paul D. Scott       

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