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Life or Death?

April 2/22

When you are faced with a life-or-death situation, you will have a better appreciation for the story to follow. Most of my life experiences with death are no more dramatic than most.  I have totally wrecked more than one automobile in my driving career and was many times very close to crashing a plane with a Bush Pilot in Northern Ontario. Some of my boating and sailing trips were a bit dicey but I did remain unscathed and that is what a normal life is all about. Some young people today are looking into the future and are scared to death to step into the world and face these kind of life experiences. However, some of us have been blessed with more than the normal acts of life and have been forced to face death head on. I, fortunately or unfortunately, am one of those. Facing death for one’s self is difficult but having to see a loved one dealing with their demise is a whole different life experience. In my case, I have come close to death on three different occasions. At the age of 27 I was in a very serious auto accident; my car was demolished by a tanker truck and a gravel truck but I survived. I came close to death with sepsis in my 70’s and at 82 years old I was told I would die in less than six months with a very serious cancer. God for whatever reason saved me to tell this story.  

I am on the last leg of a dear friend’s auto-biography that in detail has in over 600 pages documented his extremely interesting life. My friend in his life in some ways has paralleled mine as we are only about eight weeks apart in age, we were married 3 days apart in the same month one year apart. He left school at the age of 14 and I was 16 years old. Neither one of us have more formal education than a public-school but in our different journeys through life we have both squeezed out lives to the ultimate of a style not one bit less than the wealthiest millionaire.  We are now approaching that time when our memories are all we can take pleasure in. I know that I speak for my dear friend when I say it has been a great ride. I refer to my friend of over 30 years, Bill Jeffery who was a hard-working mason and a military guy, while I was an entrepreneur (salesman).  We both were looked upon as being far richer than we were actually, just because life was our oyster. We travelled the world and made an impression on some as being a bit eccentric.

So much attention is paid to getting an education before you can venture into the world. We both have made a joke of that fallacy. Our lives were Worlds apart in many ways and yet so alike. Our likes were sailing and good food and drink and a fine cigar and one or two glasses of Scotch was such a wonderful climax to a busy day. Bill liked his beer, me not so much. The one thing that we had and have in common more than anything else is the partners we married at an early age and have stuck with us over the past 65 years. Helen and Joan have been our anchor in the many storms of life. We are so lucky that in spite of our faults, they have stuck by us and our love for one another has only grown over time. Bill said a few years ago following the publication of my second book, “A Decade of Memories,” that someday he would like to write a book of his memories of life, and he did. It is called “Billy’s Way”.  Joan and I have never read a more interesting and motivational book. Every page was a fun read and not because we know the author but because it was just a good read. Helen and Bill never turned away from a new experience which showed on the pages a human side of life worth living. I want my grandsons to read his stories for a special inspiration that will teach them how to learn how to live life thoroughly. Bill was a giver and in that he also was able to receive many of life’s gifts. I speak for myself when I say, I have no regrets, I have lived life and taken every day as a challenge.  God gave me many talents all of which I have tried to use in this life, not the least, curiosity.  

And now, the rest of the story; the Death part.

All that have been born to this earth have also seen death or will. It is inevitable as even the Son of God, Jesus died a horrible death on the cross of Calvary. I suppose the argument can be made that those who will be taken up from this earth in the Rapture technically will not have died but that is another subject. The subject is death and the conversation about it for some is not one with which they are comfortable. Many are frightened of the prospect of dying. There are many reasons for this as some are afraid of a painful death or an extended period of discomfort knowing that death is inevitable, but most are in fear of the consequences of death as all have sinned and feel they will go into the lake of fire for eternity. Many know they will go into a sleep for ever and ever.  Death is permanent. Not so, we are to enter a state where all will be given the chance for everlasting life and a place in heaven. Those who have never heard of Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross for our sins, will be given the chance to accept him and a place in his kingdom. Those who reject God’s son at this time will surely die to God and be thrown into the lake of Fire for eternity.  

Christians know that this life here on earth is like a staging area for a life with our God for eternity.  Earth is a place to learn many lessons and to prepare us for a better and more rewarding life in Heaven with our God. How we perform here will determine our statis in Heaven and what level of responsibility we will be given.  God has given us an instruction book for how he expects us to perform this life as a human being.  The Bible is our book of instruction with our maker’s rules of dos and don’ts.  We only have to look at the ten commandments for our guide, however, there are many places in the Bible that explain God’s words. It is very troubling to be living in a country that makes it so easy to go against our God and his teaching. 

Over the years we have been exposed to a corrupt series of governments that lean further away from good in favor of a “woke” left wing progressive dictate. We have lost our innocence from the time when I was a boy. It would seem that there is a conspiracy to kill off the old and the unwanted, unborn, the mentally challenged and any one that has a physical defect. The most recent example is our past two years of covid. Lockdowns, masks, rejection of tried-and-true meds for injections that are proven to be more harmful than good. Rejecting patients at hospitals until they are too sick to be recovered, putting sick seniors together to die in closed quarters in death camps called (senior homes.)  Our laws in Canada are the most transparent for Abortion and Euthanasia in the world.  What a disgrace to be living in a country that encourages it’s populous to reject God’s laws.

Death for me will come as it will everyone. I will hopefully embrace it as just another piece of the puzzle of life.

Life or Death? I choose life in Heaven with my God and his son Jesus Christ.  What is your choice?


Paul D. Scott

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