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There must be something to the theory as two writers this past week have hit on the same subject regarding Bible prophesy on the “End Times”. Ben Armstrong is an expert in his words on “Babylon” as he has been studying this and many other parts of Bible prophesy for over twenty years. He has a podcast and was interviewed recently on “Brighteon.”  One of my favorite writers, Ben Stein has also written in Newsmax, “Countdown to Armageddon” Both men, one Christian and one Jewish have similar thoughts on what we have to look forward to in the coming days.

I say days as Armstrong has elaborated by stating that Oct 14th 2022, was the beginning of the count down. According to Armstrong, 70 years must pass when the countdown starts to the destruction of the second Babylon. The UN moved into New York Oct 14th 1952, 70 years ago. During the next year we can look forward to many changes in our world. The countdown has started. He warns that what will happen will be fast and many will perish.

The theory is that Iran will hit New York city {BABYLON} with a dirty nuclear bomb. No country will be aware as to who did the deed but Russia wanting to be the first aggressor will send off its missile to hit the east and west coast of the US. Before the USA can retaliate. The Americans will be caught with their pants down and under the Democrat regime, “Biden” they will not or will not be able to respond. “Revelation 18 – 2-3-8, 14 – 8.

 To many Christians, Babylon represents worldliness and evil.

We are told that no one knows when God intends to put his plan of the End Times into action, However, the Bible gives us plenty of prophesies and indications so we can be prepared.

Iranians are fine people, I have known and worked with many, however, like Canada and the USA, Iran has a corrupt government. The Mullah’s regime has caused Iranians to demonstrate in many cities worldwide including at home where many have been harshly treated.

If blame is to be given, we can go back many years when the Shah was deposed by his people for a religious government rather than Royalty. It is interesting to note that the Shah’s dynasty went back over 2500 years. The American and British governments were not helpful in saving the Shah for fear of communist control. Jimmy Carter was the US president at the time of the Shah’s exile. It is of interest that the only US president worse than Carter is the bumbling corrupt Biden who will have to take responsibility for the carnage going forward.   But it was big business that was the pressure point that put the Mullahs in control in 1979. The Shah died of cancer in exile 17 months later in 1980.

God has warned his people through his word to be vigilant and be aware that the Devil will come in many forms to deceive us, as false prophets and even as our God himself. The two Bens have joined with many God-fearing people around the world to the Bible for direction and peace. All will be well for those who trust in his word. This letter is only to shine a glimmer of light on what could be our future.  Do not listen to me or the two Bens for the truth. Find the truth through prayer and a better knowledge of God’s word.  All those that come to him in Jesus’ name perhaps will have suffering and pain in this life but will have joy and peace for eternity. As I have said before, there are far worse things in life, than death. In death, we are to enter eternal life with our God and his son Jesus Christ. Peace.

Paul D. Scott

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