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Humanity Reduction Planned

by Globalist   Masters 


If you have been living under a rock or just too busy to be bothered with world events, this may be an eye opener. No reasonably sane person could say covid 19 was a good thing. However, this world’s changing event has opened the eyes of many to the sinister events that are taking place under our noses. It is so unbelievable that many will not accept the reality of it. There are powers so great in our world to-day that our civilization is systematically being reduced in numbers that are staggering. Covid was the click of the safety on the gun that triggered world suspicions. This is taken from a report by Daniel Horowitz: “German insurance claims hint at millions of unreported vaccine injuries”, writing at the conservative Review.  Aug.2022.

 A very brief overview of the complete report shows that 5.31 billion people world-wide have received at least 1 jab with hundreds of millions receiving 3 or 4 jabs. This indicates that we are in unchartered waters in human history. The largest medical insurance company in Germany, Techniker Kranenkasse TK has reported for year 2021 a total of 437,593 insurance claims under 4 diagnostic codes for vaccine injury. The two preceding years reported only a total of 15,044 claims, an increase of almost 30 times. Figures coming out of the USA compared with studies from Israel show the USA at 4.3% to Israeli health ministry at 4.5% rate of neurological side effects. Long term effect will surely be a factor as no long-term studies were done by Pfizer to even show a glimmer as to what these shots will do to our bodies over time. There are no billing codes for death, which are clearly underreported. Some reports are showing world wide figures of an increase of 163% in W/W deaths. My brother’s multiple vaccine induced death being a classic case. The coroner’s report just said death by heart failure, when in fact police and family witnessed a far more traumatic death prior to his heart failing.

In my 86 years, I have  never seen so many indicators toward the attempts of a few to annihilate so many human beings. The following is a partial list of the many ways our world population is being reduced.  Starting with the most vulnerable, our children and the unborn.   Particular emphasis is on the middle class.  

*_ the unborn have been a target for a very long time and the ruling of the US supreme court has opened a Pandoras box of the uninformed, thinking they have lost the rights over their bodies when just the opposite has taken place. The woman’s rights have been turned over to the states where they were always meant to be and where legal elections can be had to give the people their choice. However, the fight will never end and the unborn are the least protected and now the dialogue is to give a parent 28 days to decide if the baby should continue to live or allow infanticide.  The covid injections have caused over 80% of all pregnancies to be compromised incurring tens of thousands of deaths.

*_ The curse of global cooling then heating, was put to bed as being sensationalism and false so now we are faced with “climate change”. This brings so many elements to the table that it is mind boggling trying to address all the sacrifices man must make to lesson our impact on Mother Earth. Carbon and Nitrogen are basic elements that man would cease to exist without, we are told we have too much and must stop feeding ourselves and travelling and keeping warm to reduce these elements before it kills us. Starvation is the biggest killer of the human race. Shri-Lanka has reduced the use of fertilizers taking this false narrative to heart and its economy has collapsed and the people are starving to death. Canada and the Netherlands Prime Ministers are both the Fair Haired boys of the WEF. Klaus Schwab and his henchman Yuval Noah Harari, they are only too happy to destroy our counties to appease these villains.          

             “You will own nothing and you will be happy” 

*_ The middle class will be the main target of this “New World Order” because amongst this society comes all the innovational thoughts and advancements we have come to enjoy. Free expression and free thought with the right to express ourselves without censorship has been our strength. The right to worship in our own fashion a God that has made us and will protect us is essential.  All these rights are a threat to the Global reset and must be crushed and eliminated. The Bible says that in the end times, the Christian church will be forced underground just as in Roman times. We see the beginnings of this prophesy with many churches being burned to the ground and Christian pastors and supporters fined and jailed for attending services and caring for the homeless. Free thinkers will not be tolerated in the new society.

*_ Millions of young girls in many African countries as young as 12 are injected with serums that are falsely given as a Malaria medicine but in fact are injected with contraceptive drugs. Birth rates in many of these African countries has fallen and the people we owe this to are, yes, Dr Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates.

*_ Africa and India have been targets of Fauci and Gates for some time. Most people think Gates to be a good and philanthropic billionaire. He is neither!  Bill Gates gives a lot of his money away but not without devious and immoral conditions that he expects to be paid back 10-fold. Many countries have been bankrupted by this man. India all but threw him out of many provinces with his Monsanto genetic seed manipulation program that Dr. Vandana Shiva has exposed, however, Gates is still using his vast wealth to influence many politicians in India to their eventual demise. So many independent farmers have gone out of the business of feeding the country because their centuries old natural way of farming crops has been taken over by big Industry and unnatural single crop seeds from Monsanto.

*_ The Canadian medical family has been outstanding in the murder of millions due to their insistence to follow a false narrative dictated by none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci, on the treatment of this virus that was dangerous and unusual with control and wanton ignorance to all basic medical protocol. Not prescribing anything but rest at home until you are sick enough to be hospitalized is bad medicine. Good doctors treat patients immediately on the onset of their illness, not after it has taken over the body. Administering a respirator on a patient in advanced stages of covid was in many cases their death warrant.  Early treatment with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were proven to eradicate covid in two or three days. These two highly successful and inexpensive medicines were banned in Canada to appease the big Pharma companies so their highly controversial jabs that were expensive and are now being proven to be ineffective and highly toxic, were thrust on an unexpecting populous.  Way to go Mr. Prime Minister of Canada! - Murderer!

* Tens of thousands will die in Europe this winter due to the lack of fossil fuels in the form of natural gas, oil, coal and even fire wood. This scenario of moving so quickly to green energy has put Europe and other countries dependent on fossil fuels for heat in colder climates in a very precarious spot. Hot temperatures are uncomfortable but freezing cold temperatures are deadly. We will be many lifetimes before we will be able to exist without oil gas, and coal.

* If Md in a Chinese lab financed by Toni Fauci through “Gain of Function” and distributed around the world by the Chinese government?

Some of us old guys are old enough to realize that we have lived through a rehearsal of what has begun just a few months ago but will be far worse than the third Reich. We are entering a fourth Reich that will not target just the Jews and the handicapped and the gay community and Gypsies, but anyone that will not bow down to the demons that would have us human beings turned into robotic servants. Trudeau seems to be doing everything in his power to weaken our Canadian society. He is dividing the population by demonizing those who have objected to his socialistic edicts. He is slowly closing down our economy by taking green to the limits. He has drawn clever people around him as his closest advisers that have extreme antisemitic and doctorial views this is not the Canada that our society has worked for. Many of my most value friends and associates including family members think that it is OK for our government to take whatever measures they think are necessary to put down ordinary hard-working citizens when they peacefully criticize their government. The Trucker’s convoy that received worldwide news coverage and praise is one example where coverage in Canada by our media was abysmal and exaggerated to follow the Liberal format. Trudeau got a pass for breaking many of our rights and freedoms so many have fought and died for. The Nuremburg trials following the second world war were to be a warning to the world exactly what can happen when man has allowed evil to take over. Rules and guidelines were plainly spelled out as a map for the world to follow so that a repeat would never happen again. This document has been ignored and trashed to man's ultimate destruction. History will always repeat itself. Many Progressives would have us forget our history as  their new world order is to re-create history to suit their agenda.

Perhaps I am making too much of all that has taken place in the last 36 months. I am too old to really think I will see all the trauma that I have described.  Don’t take my word for this forecast. The Bible tells the story many times in the old and new testaments.  Read it and what you do not understand, ask for some interpretation from a minister or priest. If you ask for help, it will be forthcoming.

 This could be your best day. The Bible has all the answers to all your questions, you only need to ask and it will provide.


While the End Times will be full of tragedy and trauma and we are in the first stages of these times, the Bible does have a good news report that while the bad will be very bad, what is to follow will be better than we could imagine. This is following the return of Jesus to reign over the world of beauty and peace. Jesus Christ heals the world. - The blind will see, the deaf will hear and the cripple will dance and all will live a life of ecstasy, peace and tranquility. Even though few understand this truth, this is the moment the whole creation longs for – the time when a strong, righteous leader will bring peace and prosperity for humanity.

The Kingdom of God will be established upon the almighty shoulders of Jesus Christ as He rules and serves mankind as its Counselor, Mighty God and Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). The greatness, abundance, and peace of God’s Kingdom will never end (Isaiah 9:7) and it will be ruled by God’s perfect law, which restores the soul (Psalm 19:7, Micah 4:2). In God’s Kingdom, the deserts really will blossom like roses.


Much has been written in these few pages of my observations and musings during the time leading up to covid19 and much more during my recovery from cancer in the three agonising years of stupidity, naivety and frustration in mankind’s lack of rational thinking and hate toward his fellow man and free thinkers... My heart goes out to all that have suffered the pain and anguish of these times and to those who have lost loved ones unnecessarily through man’s lust for control power and wealth. We have all been lied to with passion and false sincerity. Those who have passed, old and young have paid the ultimate price, my brother Wayne being one.  As children we would kneel at our bedside every night and pray to our God.  --      


 Now I lay me down to sleep

 I pray the Lord my soul to keep

 If I should die before I wake

 I pray my Lord my soul to take.


This is my message to you my dear brother, you have gone to a far better home, but you are always remembered.

Your Big brother.


Paul D. Scott                                                      

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