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Where’s the Rage ???


I am a peaceful man and have as much right to be otherwise as anyone. I was overweight as a child and a young teenager. I was always the brunt of evil remarks and many times horrible beatings from the older boys.  I know a little bit about bullies.  The weak and naïve amongst us are food for the kill in the mind of a bully who is intent on making you his subservient and slave.  I liken the radical faction of the radical Muslim doctrine to be just that. If you think that this problem is only in far away countries, then give your head a shake and wake up.  There are over 100 million Muslims in the world and only 5% are considered radical. That can’t be all that big a problem, or can it?  Do the math and you will find that it is a problem that we in the west are trying to ignore or appease by giving in to small requests from the Muslim community for exemption from our tried and true cultures and beliefs.  There are 50 million radical Muslim zealots that will do anything to convert you to their perverse and evil lifestyle that is based on fear and hate for all things that they do not believe in or understand.

 I was raised in the pretty rural town of Brampton,  I think the population was approaching 4,000  people.  Most of the core of our town was covered in glass and you could break a pane or two if you were throwing stones.  Brampton was the Rosetown of Canada.  We swam in the polluted Etobicoke creek in the summer and river in the spring. No one got sick, even when at times we had to push the occasional cow paddy away as it meandered downstream on its way to wherever. We played outside till dark and knew nothing about sex or swear words beyond damn or hell. We ate peanut butter on everything and bathed once a week on Saturday night.  Sunday was a true day of rest as mostly all the stores were closed and shopping was replaced by church, Sunday school and family gets togethers. The public schools were a place of learning and respect for our teachers and elders.  Going against the rules many times brought results that were not very pleasant.  Growing up in the 40’5 and 50’s in Brampton was a wholesome and innocent time. Brampton has changed as have most towns and cities in Ontario.  I left in 1958 and never returned other than to visit family and friends.

 The Toronto International Airport was hiring and a great number of Muslim immigrants applied and received jobs there. For over 40 years these Muslims have received special permission to stop their work and were given special space to say their prayers.  This happens 5 times a day. Brampton started to fill up with Muslim families and now has a large Muslim population.  For the most part they were good law abiding citizens trying as we all were to get ahead in this life. Today we are seeing the next generation of Muslims starting to assert themselves into politics, civil servant jobs and now pressing to have Muslim traditions, laws and cultural ways pushed into our lives. Many of these people have acquired positions of power so as to be able to quite easily push their agenda forward. We see this in the recent case of House of Commons leader Ms Bardish Chagger (Sikh) as she argues to change the rules of Parliament, or Ms Iqra Khalid MP (Muslim) as she successfully entered into the house a ruling to do with Islamaphobia that could be interpreted to ban any public negative expression against the Quran or Muslim teachings. Take note that in Brampton, the Peel Board of Education has ruled that time and space is to be made available to Muslim students for prayer in all public schools.  This is coming to the light just now but has been unofficial policy for some time. Mitzie Hunter MPP (L) and Minister of Education along with Michael Coteau MPP (L)  Minister of Child and Youth Services happily go along with Muslim prayer in the schools, while any “religious practices” are banned for all other religions.

I realize that many in positions of authority have had absolutely no religious exposure and have at best a vague idea about the difference between Muslim and other religions. These are the followers of Premier Wynne and her demented sex education policy.  That may throw up some red flags, it does to me.

I have stated many times that I am for a responsible program for bringing immigrants to this country.  We need good people of all walks of life. These people need to become Canadians first. They must assimilate themselves into our laws, culture and language. It has been 150 years of struggle to make Canada what it is to-day, let’s build on our successes and move forward with the building blocks of our past. These building blocks are based on Christian doctrine and a God of Love and peace.

Paul D. Scott



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