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The Waiting Game

November 2020


The world is waiting with anticipation as to who and when the United States will confirm  their president.  Will the American people surrender their souls to a criminal and liar or just a liar and a control freak? All politicians are liars, that is a given.  Joe Biden is the politician personified after being at the trough for almost five decades.  Donald J. Trump has only had a short four years at it but probably perfected it in his many years as a business man. Both men have great wealth and many mansions, one man through deceit as a politician and the other as an entrepreneur. Many think that the Democrats for all they spent and the depths they descended to, in spite of the fact they are being hailed as the presidential winner, actually lost. 

The Republicans turned out with over 72 million votes, the most in their history and took back a number of seats in congress. Biden with all his promises of reform further to the left will have some difficulty passing real reform through congress and the senate. If Biden gets too far to the left, to appease his far-left minority, he may have to face Trump and his hordes in four short years, that could be very bad for the once legitimate Democratic party. Many true Democrats are starting to voice their resentment toward the radical left.

Many are fed up with the whole election process in the USA.  Let’s just let them (democrats) have this election and be done with all this bickering. This is exactly what the swamp dwellers would like. Let everything return to a peaceful time where no fuss is made of bribes for influence, where thousands of incriminating documents are destroyed, false charges on innocent citizens, business as usual. Elections that have been run for 200 years should be drastically changed so that no checks and balances would come into play, cheating and bundling, extended time to vote, vote by mail with no checks for eligibility, no proof of anything. This would be chaos and the public would have no confidence in the outcome at all. In other words, socialism. This is exactly what the vice president (elect) has spoken of in many of her speeches. Keep in mind, Kamala Harris could be just one heart beat away from the presidency. SCARY!

Paul D. Scott.

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