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A Subject for Discussion

March 2021


After a very stressful week-end having been informed late last Friday that we were to be infected with the new and untested vaccination for Covid 19 by Pfizer on the following Wednesday at 1540 hrs, we finally decided to decline the invitation and wait it out for awhile. This decision was not made without a great deal of thought, research, advice from science and medical experts, and prayers for guidance. While there are many that are determined to have this poke in the arm, there are a few of us that want to be more informed as to what some of the concerns are from the science world. Many are very reluctant at this point to take the shots from any of the half dozen vaccine manufacturers. The world seems to think that this vaccine will end our problems, and they could very well be correct. I have every hope that they are right. However, there are some who will argue that not enough testing has been done and there are more questions that have not been addressed concerning long term repercussions and possible effects on people with various health issues where testing has not been done.

These concerns were only some of the reasons for us withdrawing ourselves from getting the injection at this time. The fact that the first Pfizer shot will only protect you to about 50% and you can still infect others and it is not known it’s immune effects past about the 21st. day, our second booster shot was not scheduled for 16 weeks, well beyond any scientific time frame, this is a political time frame that could be a catastrophic blunder. It has been stated by Pfizer that with the new and more devastating strains, it is possible that a patient waiting for his or her second shot beyond day 21, could be more open to a more severe case than normal. Tests have not been done and it is at this time, only a theory. When speaking to the Niagara Health care personal, they agreed that any one having to wait 16 weeks was a test case and being used as a Guiney pig.  This is a political decision that is made by politicians who have been known to lie and deceive the public they are supposed to serve. For people with epileptic seizures and mental problems, these new injections are not antivirals but chemicals that when entering an inflamed brain can be like an exhilarant.

You will probably receive a 5-page list of explanatory jargon and a list of questions that I as a layman could not possibly answer without a great deal of research into the meaning of many of the questions. I am told it would be a good idea to take a list of your medications and do not answer any questions you do not understand.

Typical of government ineptness.  They started a multi-million dollar building program late last year in Montreal and Vancouver to produce our own vaccines. By the time our factories are ready to produce there will be a glut on the market. Why not start up in a building already built?  However, if we finally have the facility, perhaps this will be the start of Canada being self sufficient in producing our own drugs and perhaps a new industry for exporting.

We can put the full blame on our junior Prime Minister (Mr. Dress up) that does not know when to not politicise the lives of his countrymen. You can’t deal with the devil and win. China brought this on to the world and must be held accountable.

I am sure that there are many that will read this and think that I am over-reacting. Maybe so.  Over the past 80 plus years, I have had my share of dealing with the system. In far too many cases they have come up short. I have found that you have to be the custodian of your own being. You have to be sure that when you go under the knife, you know who is wielding it and if you trust them. This is metaphorically speaking but I have been there and am alive to-day for standing my ground. We have fought the system whether it be medical, education, business, banks, government or religion.  Be your own person and stand up for your beliefs.

Paul Scott.

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