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Disturbing but True  

August 11/23


Cell Phones

We humans are so difficult to understand.  We must have leadership to tell us what to do and where to go and how to dress, how fast to go and when to stop, when to eat and when to sleep. Our culture has changed worldwide. We need to have constant contact with all those that are close to us as well as needing to be aware of all that is happening every whereeverywhere else. Sure, there are many benefits to know what the weather will be or how bad the traffic is. It’s great to have a phone, text, dictionary, an encyclopedia and flashlight and a camera in your hip pocket just itching to be used so that big brother will have more than enough information on you to be able to control you in the future. However, don’t put it against your ear or in a pocket for extended periods of time. That could, over time have a bad reaction for you. Every good thing has its negatives. However, you can’t fault humanity for enjoying all the creature comforts available to us.

For someone who witnessed the cell phone in use long before the world was aware of them, you would think I would want to be the first in North America to have one. Not so! I really don’t know why but when I saw a business man in Taipei in 1984 walking down the street with a phone to his ear, obviously doing business on a busy sidewalk in the midst of thousands of people, I was blown away. My first thought was, that man is shackled like a servant 24/7 to whoever employs him. Forty years later, I am still kicking and screaming, fighting the loss of a world of privacy and culture. We have lost the appreciation of being quiet and listening to our own inner thoughts that are only recognized through serenity and peaceful moments. How can we be at peace with ourselves and the world around us when that same world is bombarding us all the time with useless distractions?


Jabbing Babys with contaminated injections.

I find it deplorable to witness the government of Canada almost monthly, writing new legislation taking more and more of the hard-fought rights away from its citizens. Our Supreme Court of Canada has shown its true colours by rejecting a number of lawsuits against provinces for a number of complaints regarding the treatment of Christians and the Christian church during covid. Their civil rights and free speech are under attack. The right to speak freely and censorship is becoming apparent.   The court is aligning itself with a corrupt government that will stop at nothing to fulfill its evil agenda. Ministers are jailed and churches burned to the ground with little or no complaints from a press and populous that seems to have given up. And yet we still vote for the same creeps to continue their determined war on our freedoms. Canada came up with a list of the four essential occupations but the men and women of the clergy of all faiths were not included. We are going it alone without God and let’s see how that works out. Canada is aligned now with the WEF and big Pharma instead.

Big Pharma is replacing one of God’s greatest creations, the human immune system, with a variety of vaccines. They don’t work as well as nature and only time will tell if they are a long-term death knoll to all that accept them. Early studies are not very positive as the first stages of receiving the jab show higher rates of death and injury. What parent would knowingly have a newborn baby injected with 4-8 serums of well-known diseases without checking some statistics for efficacy? Some governments are now recommending, and others are mandating these injections. Many of our best and talented scientists, doctors and vaccine proponents are against these new concoctions only because they have not been tested and proven. Many are of the opinion that the vaccine formulas have merit but the server is full of contaminates such as aluminum and other metals that over time can cause many health problems. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one that has expressed with great passion his concerns for children especially, and has been ignored and criticized by his own Liberal Democratic party and the press. These injections also have synthetic DNA. The legitimate science world is concerned as they do not know how the human body will react to this invasion. Long term results are yet to be known.  




Battery Operated cars and trucks.

Electric vehicles are not the problem because what we are dealing with is Battery operated cars, charged by electricity that costs a great deal when developed by anything other than water power which is called Hydro. In Canada, Hydro makes up less than 25% of our need for electricity and Wind, Solar and Nuclear about 5% each. Carbon makes up the rest of our power needs. So where do we get off by saying Electric cars are better for our environment?  Batteries are expensive to produce having to use many rare elements that are mostly owned or controlled by China. To produce batteries, we still need fossil fuels which are abundant and at much lower costs. A battery-operated vehicle at this time is only practical for short trips and local transport. If you are planning on a versatile means of transport, do not be fooled by false advertising as you will be frustrated and inconvenienced by high costs of electricity and hours of re-charging time. We are not even close to being ready for B/O vehicles.

Predictions looking into the future should be taken with a grain of salt. At one time it was possible to be fairly accurate forecasting the future based on history and the past, but today is another story. Our world has been taken over by evil entities that are very unpredictable and outrageous. However, I wish to predict that B/O vehicles, (so-called E/V electric vehicles are a fad and will not survive the technology in Hydrogen powered vehicles. When all is said and done, batteries are far too costly to produce and even worse to dispose of.  Our dump sites are filled with batteries that will take many years to become harmless.   Car batteries are larger and more toxic and will be hundreds of years to become non toxic.

New information regarding the results of mixing salt water with car batteries is becoming rather concerning. Many surveys have shown that flooding of sea water during storms, battery operated vehicles should be taken to high ground away from water damage.  The salt will corrode parts of the system and eventually cause fires. There is no data regarding the effects of road salt in winter climates. It will be quite a while before we are able to do away with our tried-and-true gasoline combustion engine cars.


The world has more negatives today than I can recall in over 80 years. Most have been created by man fulfilling just two sins, the love of wealth and control over his fellow man. Some of these controllers that are trying to dictate our lifestyles are setting out to eliminate one of their problems by reducing the world population. I suppose they are content to be in control of robots and subdued humans that are drugged to obey, and with all the wealth in their hands, then what?

There is far more to mankind than the desire for wealth and power, but God’s plan is for this very thing to happen. In the meantime, for a full life we must accept the ups and downs of living. How can one appreciate the thrills and satisfaction of life if nothing changes and we are always living the good life? To appreciate the good times, our lives must be salted with some bad and difficult times. This contrast makes you fulfilled and able to enjoy the pleasures of our surroundings.


Paul D. Scott       

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