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Maid in Canada



There is no lack of subjects one can write about and most are at the very least, serious and quite distasteful. I would much rather be writing funny stories. The world is wakening to the fact that Canada can surely hold its own when it comes to being one of the fastest western societies to turn from good to bad. Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau – {Castro}, has never been one to shy away from a camera. He  loves to be the center of attention. Mr. dress-up. Trudeau has gained a reputation beyond the silly costume manikin to being an outright embarrassment. Initiating the War Measures Act or Emergencies Act on our society during the Truckers’ demonstration and freezing bank accounts of hundreds of peaceful Canadians was disgusting.  The country has been subservient to the whims of members of big pharma, medical, political and the media society. A large portion of our country are losing jobs, small businesses and their lives. The authorities will not listen to the concerns of anyone that questions the narrative set down by big pharma. We are being lied to on a regular basis and the population on the whole are very confused.

I have written in former writings about covid, the end times, politics, health care and religion but to-day my focus is on our moral values in Canada, and how we seem to have lost our way. Being born in the 1930’s, I see clearly a vast change in our country and her people. We accept without even a whimper, Laws and attitudes that were not acceptable just a few years ago. When did the sanctity of human life become meaningless? Gradually with the passing of time and the constant argument that a woman has a right to her body. Abortion is acceptable by at least 50% of us and certainly by our government. To me as I see it, if a heart is beating in a human fetus, it is a living person waiting to be completed in the womb, to drag it out of the mother and kill it, that is in fact murder. That to me is simple logic and to put any kind of a spin on it is nonsense. Infanticide has already been exposed in our country with very few repercussions. “Maid”, only used in Canada is a slick way of disguising the true meaning, which is suicide or murder.  Now we are on the slippery slope and it is hard to control the slide into more and more depravity.

 While we have no laws on abortion, our lawmakers enacted new laws to make it OK for we mortals to take our own lives but under strict circumstances. A waiting period was established so nothing was done in haste and you had to be on the verge of death or in constant uncontrollable pain. Doctors had to sign off on your death as well. The slope is getting more slippery and now you are a candidate if you are not able to pay your rent and buy groceries.  In 2021 “Maid- medical assistance in dying” laws were pushed through by Trudeau and expanded to people whose death is not reasonably foreseeable. They now read -Individuals must have serious incurable illness or disability, must be in an advanced state of advanced irreversible decline, and must suffer from intolerable physical or psychological pain.

A senior man from St. Catherine’s made it to the Tucker Carlson show on Fox TV when he applied and received a doctor’s letter for approval to be snuffed out. This man has chronic back pain and will soon be homeless as his government income is not enough to sustain him. He does not want to die but cannot see any alternatives. He has been saved for now as a {Go Fund Me} was set up and he has over $60,000.00 to keep him going for a while. However, 30,000 Canadians over the past three years have not been so lucky and they can’t be brought back.  If our government properly looked after our unfortunates with adequate health care and benefits, we would not have to resort to killing off our elderly destitute and sick population. Four years ago, I personally was confronted with this very sobering dilemma. I was in a place where my life was threatened with a very serious cancer of the Esophagus. My doctors gave me six months to live and a doctor sat with me for two hours explaining the various ways I would die. It was explained that I would probably be given the option in my last few days or weeks of, euthanasia. A very difficult decision to be faced with when your Christian belief is to let God have his way as to your length of stay here on earth. I did not have to face that decision and I do not know what I would have decided when asking myself, just how strong are you? Our Prime Minister needs to stay at home and spend our taxes on the people of Canada. Health care, education and our military all are in need of hundreds of millions. Let’s get back to our roots.

 Paul D. Scott 

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