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Climate Control and Bible Prophesy

Feb 13th, 2023

Man has arrived at a place in history where some of our species want the rest of us to believe they can, if left to be in control, change the world’s natural evolvement to suit their agenda. All we peasants need to do is give over our freedoms and obey. History has shown us if we do that, we will be accepting the fate of millions that went before us to, pain, suffering and even death and perhaps Death Camps. The new Woke group would have us forget our history as their agenda is to create history to suit their feeble-minded aspirations. However, we do not need to go very far back to see what can happen when we are ever trusting in our leaders and the power of big business and big money and weak greedy men and women in leadership positions.  The year 2020 is a perfect example of what we as a society can expect in our future. Evil took control of mankind and on a grand scale during the initial stages of covid, many have named it as mind control. [ Refer to my writing of last March 18th 2022 on this blog] and the statement of Dr. Robert Malone. It’s partly to do with government leaders being conned to sign contracts in desperation that bound them to do the will of the corrupt pharmaceutical companies. Human beings with huge power and pea sized brains and a lust for power and money are as much to blame as the corrupt pill pushers.  Not just people such as Trump, Biden and Trudeau, but most of this world’s leaders panicked for a quick fix, Vaccines. Totally evil people such as Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and so many more had the media in their pocket and bad mouthed Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, inexpensive out of patent cures that the world turned to, and were working. Now we are finding long term, the benefits are fading away as the vaccines are proving to be more harmful than covid itself. If you have been vaccinated, your chances of getting the covid variances are greater than the non-vaccinated.  This is claimed by the Cleveland clinic in a most recent study. As was warned over a year ago, the vaccinated will be much more at risk to many strange new variances if for no other reason than their immune system will have been compromised.

It is not that long ago that most of us would hear the rants of these  predictors and laugh them off as crazy “the sky is falling” loonies! Mount Kilimanjaro still has its Ice cap, The polar ice is still there and even thicker, New York city is not under 6 feet of water from the oceans that were going to rise because of melting ice, Polar Bears are doing quite well thank you very much and on and on with the lunatic predictions of Al Gore and others. We were first warned of a cooling of the earth and when the real experts were finally listened to, we learn that the earth is warming a bit so panic again with “global warming, that had no traction so we are now in the midst of a true disaster “CLIMATE CHANGE!”.  When has this Globe we call home, not been in the throws of climate change? Paleocologist Connie Miller reports in her paper on line titled, Natural Climate cycles. 

Climate varies without human influence, and this natural variation is a backdrop for the human-caused climate change occurring now. These patterns hold important lessons for understanding the magnitude and scope of the current and future climate changes.

Cyclical variations in the earth’s climate occur at multiple time scales, from years to decades, centuries and millennia. Cycles at each scale are caused by a variety of physical mechanisms. Climate over any given period is an expression of all these nested mechanisms and cycles operating together.

If science is the cause for our climate change, and much of our thinking population realize there must be a supreme entity orchestrating all the wonders of the universe, how then do mere fragile human beings think they can change or adjust the natural evolvement of God’s plan?  We might consider this, the woke generation don’t believe in God.  Man has evolved beyond listening to God’s laws and have created their own Gods. Consideration must be given to a third scenario. Could Christianity be replaced by a New World religion? It is well known that all mankind require some inner spiritual support, even those who claim to be Agnostic or Atheist. The inner spirit can’t exist without some belief in something. Many of these empty vessels are taking up Climate Change as their new religion.

 The world has never seen so many multi-Billionaires as we have to-day. Power and the lust for more and more wealth has created demonic men that crave for a world of sub humans that can be controlled. Society has been torn apart by the covid debacle; we have been lied to from the get-go. If covid had been treated by science and health care professional without political mandates and interference for profit and control, many doctors that have the courage to stand up for their principals will admit covid was a serious threat to our health and would have been considered very serious-like flu. However, millions more deaths can be attributed to the interference of politics and a corrupt pharmaceutical industry that has taken control the WHO, CDC, and the FDA and other monitoring institutions that were established to protect the people.  They are all in the pocket of a few led by Bill Gates. This man has no credentials, he is not a doctor or a scientist. He is a drop out from college with influential parents that got him pushed in the direction where to-day he is in control of the world media, the pharmaceutical companies and most everything else where he can control the lives of all people who will allow it. He has done irreputable damage in Africa and India and everywhere he has laid his filthy hands. Great wealth is power and Gates has both.  Of course, Gates is not the only rich sub human that is screwing up our planet.  There are numerous others, George Soros, Jeff Bassos, Klaus Schwab to name a few.

Google the WEF, and see what these Oligarchs have in mind for us in the future. It is not a conspiracy as they are quite open with their agenda.  Divide and conquer, covid has done that, pitting the vaccinated against the unvaxed. That is a start, the plan is horrendous and too much to take in.

The Bible is the last place many will go for help and direction in these upcoming even more troubled times to come. Many are not aware that the best place to go for an insight into Mankind’s future is in the the Bible. Bible prophesies make up more than a third of our future on this planet. We are in the “End Times” and all has been revealed in his book. No man not even Jesus Christ, the Son of God knows the time or the hour of God’s return to earth. All men will know when it happens as all will hear the announcement, the deaf will hear it and the dead will join the living believers in the sky to be re-united with our Father in Heaven.


Paul D. Scott

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