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Indigenous gang should be charged and jailed.

Feb 2018


Justin Trudeau, our prime minister needs to grow some balls and send a message to our over indulged, over paid Indigenous Canadian citizens. Enough is enough, we the people that pay taxes and support these First Nations Canadians want equal treatment.  This can’t happen if we all got the treatment the Indigenous get, so they will have to join our ranks and live within the rules of this great nation and contribute to the land rather than bleed it for every once they can get. They will finally get what they have been crying for, equality.

The question is, can this happen?  Do these proud people have the ability to assimilate into our world?  They have been a part of it for a very long time, but sitting on the sidelines as observers;  Or, do they want to return to the way they were when the Europeans arrived? Living in small villages, nomads, many of the tribes were at war all the time taking slaves and acting sub human.  No universal language, written or vocal.  The wheel had not even entered their life yet.  With all their spirituality, they were primitive. The church did what it could to bring some civility into their lives.  Do we need to start over?

If you have ever been confronted by more than one young drunk and especially armed, you know how frightening it can be.  Five drunken Indians with your wife and son to protect, knowing how out of control these heathen devils can become, would be more than one man could handle. Gerald Stanley was going to have a very bad day when the final curtain came down. The worst, as I am sure flashed through his mind would be, he and his family could be murdered by these crazy lunatics. Farm raids were not rare. The police response is very slow and a lot of mayhem can be accomplished before they arrive. Do I put up a fight or let them have their way with my family? Any real man is going to put up a fight.  With a partially loaded pistol he shot two warning volleys in the air. Probably to no avail. These guys were far too into this fun day to be put off by a lonely farmer virtually unarmed. The third shot was the best thing that could happen.  One out of the five was shot and killed. This must have sobered those bullies up to realize that they could be next. This is very hard for a parent to face, Colten Boushie’s family deserve our prayers and sympathy, but this event could have turned out to be a slaughter. The four boys admitted to stealing a truck and other things from the farm they just ransacked, they admitted to stealing and abusing Mrs. Stanley.  What more could they have done given a few hours of freedom?

Law enforcement and politicians are hopeless as long as they back down to the bullies that have taken over the Indian communities. How many times have we watched these hoodlum’s close highways, private property and government offices while the police stand back and wait them out.  The private police departments on the reserves are little more than registrar clerks checking the riff- raff of the community in and out of the local jail.

Trudeau’s remark, that we all have to do better. What a lot of nonsense coming from this smug dope. Jagmeet Singh NDP leader tweeted that there was no justice for Colton Boushie. Are we to believe that  Gerald Stanley is guilty? The justice is yet to be done when the four live cats are given their sentence.  Will we ever see that day?


Paul D. Scott.


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