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Wake Up World

November 18 2020


I am a news freak; I won’t deny it. After a very long time being semi-retired, almost 35 years, I have had lots of time to observe my surroundings, both in extensive world travel and many fields of extra curricular business endeavours. I think I am a pretty good judge of character and I try to give the benefit of the doubt when confronted with opposite opinions. Many times, when stories come out that are confrontational or against the mass’s opinion, the feed back is without any thought it would seem as being entirely unacceptable. Our society has been so indoctrinated by a false media and a feel-good attempt to put aside anything that might be upsetting to the norm, that reason and investigation is not even considered. We are bombarded from all quarters with tales and stories that are upsetting and could change our lives or our minds that we would rather crawl into a hole and let the world pass us by. I can think of at least two confrontational subjects and I am sure there are far more. My thoughts turn to Religion and Donald J. Trump.  

Let’s start with religion. I have stepped into this discussion many times with friends of all persuasions. It is easy to talk about faith with people that are like minded. It is relatively easy to speak of your religion with an agnostic or an atheist. I find the hardest conversation is with a devout Christian that has opposing views as to the mechanics of their faith.  An example would be Protestant and Roman Catholic, or Jew or Muslim or even Jehovah Witness folks. We all believe in a God, is it the same God or do we pray to a different one depending on our beliefs? Some rather trivial discussion could be, which is correct, baptism by emersion or sprinkling? A fine point that Baptists take to being scriptural and are very adamant in their belief. Much of the rest of the church do not object to the sprinkling.  For a clear answer to these and all the rest of our questions on religion, we look to the Bible. Muslims look to their Koran. Jews to the old testament, Roman Catholics to a slightly revised version of the Bible.  We do have a guide for the correct answers to our religious questions, but how do we arrive at the right answers to our day to day problems outside of religion?

So much conflict in our lives since Trump came on the scene in U.S. Politics. When he announced he was going to clean out the swamp in Washington, no one had any idea how much muck would be exposed. It is my belief that far too much evil has been exposed in America. Even Trump had no idea just how deep the shit is. Many, even died in the wool Conservatives were relieved when Biden was declared the next president. Perhaps some peace at last. Joe Biden, a proven scoundrel by his own admission, now to be the next leader of the free world. We won’t be free much longer if he has his way. What is even more worrisome is his Vice President, Kamala Harris she is a heart beat away from the throne and she is certainly, by no means, presidential.

This situation brings to mind a very scary scenario, when the Trump campaign insist under the laws of the U.S.A. to contest the election findings, even Trump supporters that are too weary to fight on are giving in to the, perhaps illegally won election. They along with the swamp dwellers are conceding to the evil that will, if not challenged, take America down. This in itself is criminal but we in Canada are sitting on a keg of dynamite with the boy wonder, Trudeau in control. Nothing would please our little dictator to fall into the arms of Father Biden, or worse Harris.  They are all painted the same colour and we would go the way of the Do-Do bird. Trudeau is itching to use the COVID-19 as an excuse to change our country to a socialist state. Read his speech at the UN last July. Believe it or not, we have our own swamp here in Canada. There are many who would take us down in very short order if we are not vigilant.





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