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PFIZER’S   #3  Jordon Trishton Walker

Jan 27th, 2023

The film was shown on Fox last night on the Tucker Carlson show and I picked it up this morning on one of the many emails I receive daily and it has since been dropped by twitter to my knowledge and never reported by any of the media except Fox.

Time will tell if this gets publicized globally – or not.

My Notes.

??  is this not Gain of function when you explain how the monkeys are experimented on? {illegal}

Answer - no, we call it {Direct evolution}. Future mutations

Walker - Yes, this has been a Cash Cow and will for some time going forward. It is also a revolving door for all Government officials and the military, they are employed by defense companies after they retire.

Dr. Robert Mallone has called this creature as being casual with the lives of millions of human beings, immature and evil.

Sorry I ran out of time and it was gone. Any one taking injections after this information has been exposed is playing with their future health and possible early death.

Paul D. Scott.

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