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NOVEMBER 17th 2021

I have in my lifetime travelled hundreds of thousands of miles on paved highways but those miles had a purpose to get to my destination fast and safe. Now I am on a road less travelled and full of pot holes and dangerous curves. This is a road that I was warned against, I was told it could cost me many friends and perhaps my life. I had a very serious car accident early in life and numerous smaller ones so I knew what I was going to face on this dark and slippery road. At least I thought I knew, I thought I knew who would be with me on my new journey. There were many I would have liked to accompany me in the right-hand seat but much to my dismay, I have few passengers. My wife of well over 60 years of course, she was the one to inspire me and back me when I would hit a jarring bump. Joan, when she puts her mind to serious things has feelings that are so strong, she just can’t ignore them. A voice in her head said, “Joan do not take this road that almost everyone else is taking and recommending. Go on the other road.”

The road that we are referencing is the covid Jab road. By this time, I had gotten very interested in this covid19 virus and because the Pfizer program was issued to us and the government was giving out instructions that were contrary to the Pfizer protocol, I smelled a rat. It didn’t take much searching to realize that covid 19 was no ordinary flu bug but a very insidious virus that seemed to be connected to a plot of some kind. The more I investigated, the more complicated it got and much of the information that the scientific and medical sceptics were concerned with was being censored by government and the media. When these two powerful entities are in sync, there has to be foul play afoot. During the first few months there seemed to be unnatural situations that were not normal. Looking back and witnessing the present overturn of our society, I think I have the answer. Almost overnight, our world has been turned into a different place. It is like a dark blanket has been pulled over us and we are being smothered by fear, anxiety and hate.  I am sure there are many who refuse to look around and do not have these concerns. The world is a beautiful place, they have no worries, they have had two shots and intend to get a booster just as soon as they can and the family are in the same boat so all is well.   They hope to go on a holiday soon, perhaps a cruise. Their children or grandchildren are all fine and they can’t wait for the shot to be available for the grandbabies. As they speak, they are not aware that the grocery shelves are showing signs of a lack of certain products, they still are required to wear a mask, social distancing is still in effect and more and more inoculated are still getting sick. Are these the Stupid in our society?

Read Bonhoeffer’s theory of Stupidity.

Bonhoeffer was a clergyman in the years of Adolf Hitler and he noticed that his Germany had turned into a country of evil. He saw that the nature of evil was not the problem, but the enemy was stupidity. For his words and actions during the war, he was hung in a concentration camp two weeks before peace was declared.  Free speech got his neck stretched. Are we approaching the same fate?  Australia and many European countries have been experiencing thousands in the streets in peaceful opposition to the mandated vaccines. What sane administration would cause it’s populous to accept a foreign substance to be injected into their body without assurances from the manufacturer and the government’s guarantee that it was properly tested and was safe? The public have no recourse against either nor do the vaccines have any information legally required on any consumable product label. Many laws have been broken and because this substance has not been approved there is no chance for those adversely affected by it, to bring  law suits against the government or the manufacturer. We the public have been subjected to the largest research study ever. Those that have allowed themselves are Guiney pigs for big pharma and those who desire to be our controllers. It is no secret that Bill Gates along with Klaus Schwab and the whole New World Order gang are intent on reducing the world population. They are quite open about it in their speeches and their papers. Our own Prime Minister Trudeau is a member in good standing and is a banner waver for The Great Reset.

The facts are adding up hourly that the less travelled road I chose almost two years ago is becoming a super highway with videos, books and interviews proving that the world has been conned in the most devious way possible by a power greater than Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the media, politicians, Hollywood, the medical and pharmaceutical industry and the innocent but naïve public; these are only the puppets of a far more insidious power. The power is one that our God has released for a short time to test the people as to how faithful they are to his word and the teachings of his word in the Bible.  This is the evil power of the Devil himself. It felt like an eerie evil invisible mist had engulfed the world.  Without warning man was pitted against man, family members were arguing as to who was right and who was wrong. Riots in the streets, leaders making unreasonable rules and laws they were not qualified to make nor were they legal in many cases. Many of our hard fought for privileges were reversed, history was being re-written in front of us and our children were being used against us and our morals were being strongly tested. Many of our young people not used to pressures from this new society were and still are, committing suicide. Many are dying without friends or family in their final hours. Unspeakable experiments are only now being exposed by some of the most detestable humans’ man has known. Harvested parts of human fetuses from aborted babies are being attached to rats and dogs. The dogs are having their vocal cords cut so the pain can’t be heard as they are put through the most hideous torture. These animals (and I refer to the scientists now) are in most cases working for “Dr. Death”, Fauci in one form or other as he has his tentacles in every aspect of these death related debacles. Read the latest book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. all about Fauci. It will be out in a few days.

Some of my friends have accused me of making up these stories and getting false information from bloggers on Facebook or Twitter, I subscribe to neither or any of the other fake social media sites. My information has come from hundreds of hours watching one on one interviews with the authors of my reports, like getting straight from the horse’s mouth and before being censored.  Kennedy writes about the early days when Fauci was responsible for the deaths of 350,000 HIV patients and holding back medication until such time as he could take credit for it, killing many more. Coming out with meds that cost $5.00 to make and charging $10,000 for a year’s regiment that was found not to work. Because he controls all phases of our health care in one way or other by managing billions of tax payer dollars and grants, he can call the shots with almost all the foundations, one of the largest comes from Bill and Melina Gates. He controls big pharma, CDC, FDA, WHO, AMA and on and on. Kennedy in his book states that Fauci is the architect that turned health care over to Big Pharmacy. He also says that Anthony Fauci is a Sociopath. Strong words for a man that up until now has been put on a pedestal and worshipped by many as if he were a God.  Many feel that when the book is released, there will be so much pressure for an inquiry that the man will have to step down and retire. At 80 years old it will be time. Anthony Fauci chose his path many years ago. To many observers, he has been a success, to others, many co-workers that have expressed utter distain at the sound of his name, not so.  He will be judged by a higher power, as will all of us. He will have a great deal to answer for.


Paul D. Scott   www.rantingsandraves .com

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