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Fear & Guilt for Control



My morning today was consumed by an interview on line with Patrick Moore, one of the originators and the first president of Greenpeace. Mr. Moore was the guest of Modern Wisdom Podcast and can be found on the interview #373. The subject discussed in the more than 100 minutes was primarily climate change. Mr. Moore is one of a few Climatologists and Toxicologists that is not financed by government or big business, another also with a book on Climate change is Judith Curry. They have the freedom to be honest and straight forward with their knowledge on weather patterns going back to the earth’s formation. Very few scientists have a better knowledge on the subject of our weather, so, when they say we have no fears of the so-called climate change catastrophe hoax, I believe them. But that would not be hard for me to accept as I have stated that fearing climate change was a false lie from its conception. Again, one catastrophe after another, all to put fear and guilt on the world while lining the pockets of a few.

 Most of our world leaders and big business have fallen for the rhetoric the same as with covid and many other lies that we have faced in recent years. The media will go along with the left-wing whackos either because they are too stupid or too lazy to dig up the truth, or they like many others, see billions of dollars to be gained by these tales of woe.

Weather cycles are recorded in hundreds, thousands and millions of years patterns. That is why Obama was not concerned about investing 17 million into a new ocean-front home. He knows that the ocean's change in height of a few centimeters in his lifetime will have no impact on him or anyone else. The average increase in temperature has risen 1 degree C in 320 years. Natural changes happen far too slowly to impact on our or our descendant’s lives. There is no “Climate emergency” this scenario has been high-jacked by the left for political and financial reasons, Moore stated.

Both Moore and Curry were critical but also understood the reasons for many experts taking the easy way out and agreeing with the narrative of climate change as they would be unemployed otherwise.  University grants are not available to deniers of climate change, covid and covid vaccinations.

We are led to believe that carbon dioxide is toxic and nothing is further from the truth. Co2 and carbon dioxide make up 99% of a tree. They, like so much of our natural resources are here for man’s use and enjoyment. Co2 and carbon dioxide are the life blood of our existence and much more of it was on this earth thousands of years ago.  Ocean levels were much higher 2000 years ago. Roman wharves and harbours have been found in Great Britain many miles inland from the ocean shores today. Trees and large Camels were prevalent on the Arctic Islands 5000 years ago. We are being told that Polar bears are becoming extinct and yet their population is now estimated at 10 – 30 thousand, up from 4 - 5 thousand a few decades ago. We are experiencing far fewer Hurricanes and Tornadoes than in years past. Canada has had some horrible forest fires this year and yet statistics show our forest fires are down from the average. The world we occupy is changing all the time. Call it climate change if you must, but to say the sky is falling is a bit extreme. Those that have convinced most of the world of this outlandish hoax for their own financial and power-hungry benefit will be held to explain their actions, perhaps not to we mortals but to a judging God.  

We are being bombarded from all sides, even the editor and opinion writer in my local newspaper just loves to excite his readers with sensationalism. This week he stated as if this proclamation was going to kill thousands. I quote, - "By the end of the century (80 years from now) Southwest, Central Ontario and Eastern Ontario are projected to experience an average of 60 days of extreme temperatures averaging 30 degrees Centigrade a year".  As far as I have been able to determine, hot summers are not nearly as harmful to lives as freezing cold. I was born in the summer of 1936. This was recorded as the hottest summer on record and just think, there was no air conditioning then and the temperature on many days was over  105 degrees Fahrenheit, that is almost 40 C not 30 C. Perhaps more Canadians will stay at home in the winter rather than avoiding our punishing winters by relocating for six months in Florida or Mexico.

It seems that all our woes are as a result of climate change.  It would be funny if it was not so serious. We must get real and stop the madness.        

Paul D. Scott


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