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World of Woe                               April 2015

It’s hard to find anything positive to write about in this world to-day.  I have become a very curious person since retiring totally from the word of commerce. My 1st try at retirement came 30 years ago when we sold our manufacturing and importing business. I was forced to return to some way of earning money when the company that we were depending on for a retirement cheque went bankrupt. Home renovations and restorations became a part time endeavour in order to have enough to continue a modest winter life in Florida and in Canada for the summer. One thing always leads to another in our life and we found ourselves owning a 5 star country inn, a small storage business and a unique and fun filled flea market. This kind of brought us out of retirement for the next 20 years. When I describe myself as a curious fellow, many would agree, in looks and actions but my meaning is that I want to see what makes things what they are and I have a desire to know about people and places I am in contact. I am inquisitive.

The internet has filled many an hour for me trying to understand a world that has become foreign. Terminology, language, man’s changes in attitudes, world politics, the lack of interest in our history and fine music and world events and so much more. This {me me} generation is different than any that has come along in a long time. Young people to-day are so focused on themselves that the world is passing them by while they bury their heads in their “I pads”.  Do they not realize that this world that has been so good to them is fast approaching drastic catastrophic changes?  Not just young people will be shocked and confused when things change but all who have ignored the signs.

In the USA only 30% of the working populations make more than $30,000 a year and much less than 30% have prepared for any kind of retirement in their old age. The United States is bankrupt and only time will reveal this when confidence in the US dollar is lost by the rest of the world. As Ronald Reagan stated, “Where the gold standard is dropped so goes the country” and that is the case with the USA to-day. We have been warned but few are listening. If a total financial collapse doesn’t hit us, perhaps it will be an EMP invasion from either outside the country or by villains infiltrating through Obama’s vague borders. The Russians, the Isis gangs, and how many other adversaries are waiting like jackals’ to feed on the bones of this once great country? The United States needs a miracle but few are concerned and those that are concerned are helpless to do anything.

I am not sure if I want to be around when the end times begin, however there are preparations that can be made ahead of a break down in our society. A 5000 watt gas generator along with water and food and fuel can be stored in advance. Make yourself aware as to how our friends the Mennonites and their cousins survive without all of our electronic tools. Life could be very different without electricity and transportation. 

Hopefully we will never have to face a total breakdown in our present life style, however, it is inevitable that enormous changes will take place and we should be prepared as best we can for the worst scenario. The United States is destined for at best a monetary collapse. It is only a question of when.

Paul D. Scott.

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