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 I have a dear friend that in many ways I respect for his intelligence and character. He and I get along pretty well considering there is very little that we can agree on.  He is Jewish and in his words “not a very good one” he finds it hard to believe in God.  On the other hand, I am a Christian and perhaps not a very good one either but I do believe there is a supreme being and like the Jews and Muslims, we call him God.

 My friend is a Liberal democrat.  I think he is a Progressive although I am not sure. Most Liberals are.  Democrats generally speaking, call for more government rather than less and where ever possible Government should take the initiative over free enterprise.  I was raised in a home that believed in the Conservative doctrines, free enterprise, and less government is better than more.  I have always instinctively wanted to be my own man. I want to do things my way without the government in my face at every turn. With this as my guide, I had nowhere to vote but Conservative. For me now, I am less and less anxious to put my X on any candidate’s name in an election. Politics has always been a dirty business but to-day I am sure that the wrong people are in it and for all the wrong reasons. All parties are painted with the same dirty brush it seems and even good people get caught up in the ways of the elected to go for the easy money and special perks.

My friend and I are at the age where we are far too old and set in our ways to change our political stripes. Our minds are made up and short of the coming of our savior “Jesus Christ” —–  Conversion!

Maybe I have hit on it. That could be the answer and my prayers would be answered, killing two birds with one stone. Amen

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