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God’s only Unforgiveable Sin


My church going since we have given up winters in Florida is in front of my TV. My wife and I do take in some favorite TV ministries mostly on Sundays.  Unfortunately churches in Canada have a lack luster that just does not bring me to want to participate.

Dr. David Jeremiah from Texas has been preaching on the 10 most asked questions in the Christian church to-day.  Number ten was “Does God Forgive All Sin?”

I always thought that all sin can be forgiven and forgotten by God when we go to him in prayer and when we admit our sins in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior who died on the cross for our sins.

There was the answer that I as a Christian could not figure out: just as plain as day. The only sin that God cannot forgive is the sin of not acknowledging the Son of God as our Savior.

I have many friends, neighbors and acquaintances that are quite open to declaring that they are none believers in a God. They seem to be proud that they are atheists. I have others that will acknowledge that there is a God but certainly have not accepted his Son as their personal Savior. These people are the poor creatures that when the time of judgment comes and it is to befall every soul, God will say, “You have rejected me and my Son who came to earth to save you from your sin; I must send you to the depths of hell to burn forever. You will not dwell in my house in Heaven. Rejecting his Son as their personal Saviour is “The Unforgivable Sin”.

If this sounds like a story from outer space or so old fashioned that we as a society of Progressives have outgrown, then you as a non believer are taking a huge chance of eternal damnation. I pray for my friends that are taking that chance, that they will come to their senses and be saved in the blood of Jesus Christ and accept his great promise for Everlasting Life, for when you do, All Sin can be Forgiven.


Paul D. Scott

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