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Vaccine Passports  -  Search for the Truth



For the truth about getting the jab, read on.

I am not egotistical enough to think I have all the answers, to be honest I really should not be writing this at all. I am not particularly well read and as far as being an educated man, those who can go back over 70 years with me will know I am not. I have written a few books that few have read. I must say that those who have, enjoyed my prose to a certain extent. However, I am well-travelled and have had experience in many lines of work with a certain degree of success. I should be wise as I still have a fair memory and closer to 90 than I am to 80 years old. With these credentials, I would like to give my reasons for being skeptical of my government, the health industry, the business and banking as it has developed and the state of a large portion of our society. I am a Christian and if I refer to the Bible for references, I beg your indulgence but where could we get more accurate help in understanding our future?

When we turn in our Bible to the last book in the New Testament, Revelation, this means, {unveiling or disclosure}, events are outlined leading up to the last days of the evil one, Satan.  One piece of the puzzle has not been revealed to us and that is the very first revelation of things to come, and that is what the Bible calls the “Rapture”. This is when Jesus Christ comes down from Heaven to take all who believe in him and are saved in his blood including all that have gone before us, into heaven.

Those who are left here on earth are about to experience the new world that has been talked about as being an eutopia but in fact it will be Hell on earth. Those who are telling us about the New World Order such as Klaus Schwab and Justin Trudeau and other leaders are going to be quite surprised as to what our God has in store for we humans for forgetting him and his commandments.

Nick Corbishley’s last book titled  “Scanned”: (why vaccine passports and digital Id’s will mean the end of privacy and personal freedom.) Corbishley was interviewed recently and puts forward a pretty convincing argument for NOT getting the jab of so-called vaccine that most of us willingly allowed to be injected into our body. If we want to maintain our humanity, we must be far more skeptical when told, take this and read the label later. The author is concerned and rightly so that the jab has really nothing to do with health care but everything to do with the first installment of what will be our ultimate destiny as predicted also in the Bible.  Vaccine passports are a passage to digital chips implanted under our skin for total control over our humanity. The Bible says “that no one may buy or sell except one who has the name of the beast, or the number of his name meaning that we are to wear the sign of the devil 666 that everyone must have to conduct any business. Total demonic control. Read Revelation 13/11-18. As the Bible does not give any indication as to the timing of the “Rapture” Is it before the seven years of tribulation during or after? Most scholars believe it is before the Tribulation but no one can prove exactly when. This leaves man in need to be prepared by Dedicating ourselves to Jesus Christ and spreading the good news that Christ will return and rule on the new earth forever.

 If you are not one of the chosen to be taken up in the Rapture, there are some things you might want to consider for a chance against the War Lords of Hell. The author suggests to survive: 

  1. be in an independent community of like-minded friends

  2. Resist getting any more jabs (vaccine)

  3. Get out of the banking institutions and into silver and gold

  4. Be self-sufficient with land and fresh water supply

The following is a Timeline to look to, assuming the Rapture will begin the process which I believe will be the case.

Rapture-   Jesus will return for his saints. (Christians who believe)

7-year Global tribulation-   there will be terrible times for 40 months, with many natural disasters- followed by 40 months of much worse, that will reduce the world population considerably.

Second coming of Christ -   Jesus will return with his saints.

1000-year reign of Jesus Christ.  This return of Christ to earth after the tribulation is called the second coming.

This may seem like very scary stuff and many will not want to even think about what is going to be our fate if we do not give into God’s commandments. All the signs are pointing to these prophesies to be fulfilled soon. However, no man knows when.  Only God has the timetable. I pray that all who read this will understand that you still have time to be right with your Lord God. We have no fear of this forecast of the world’s future as we will have been taken up with the Lord at the Rapture. He loves you and you are made in his image. He wants you to be with him for eternity. Do not turn away from him but have everlasting life in His name.

We are in the most difficult time in Human history as I write this article. The World watches as two Leaders hold our future in weak and trembling hands. Pres Vladimir Putin of Russia and Pres. Joe Biden of the USA.  Personally, I would not trust either one as a leader and yet, we are at their mercy. I would rather put my trust in a much higher and just power, Jesus Christ.

Paul D. Scott

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