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The following are letters to the Editors of either the local newspaper in Welland or the National Post or to a Political Leader. Some were published and some were not, however I got my thoughts off my chest and expressed my feelings.

Jul. 26 at 2:00 p.m.

It's a sobering thought that this wonderful land (Canada) could at some time in the near future become another failed socialist 3rd. world country.  It is regrettable that because of the lack of discipline and teaching of our history, our young people to-day are so over indulged that they have no idea what comes with living under a socialist regime. Mr. Cairns, an educator, points out how thousands of jobs have been lost, government layoffs and bank foreclosures during the recession in 2008. Was this a subtle indication that socialism would avoid this? That was miniscule to the depression of the 20's and 30's.  Are young people taught of the millions that have perished under the oppressive regimes of socialist countries such as China and Russia? Is Venezuela not a perfect example of socialism and how quickly a country with the largest oil reserves in the world can be brought to its knees? Canada could be the next Venezuela if we don't put our youth on the right track. In a perfect world, our only rite should be the rite to clean air, water and government protection from outside and inside our borders, and government assistance for the elderly and handicapped.  The pendulum has swung far too the far to the left, where our citizens are too dependent on government. We have lost the work ethics and sacrifice of former generations. This is the ethic of hard work! The minimum wage of $15.00 an hour has played into the hands of a corrupt government. Many are now worse off than before, thus adding to more not less dependency on government leading to socialism. The market rather than the government should determine the worth of a worker. Words and thoughts of a curious old fart.

Paul D. Scott


A Note for     ROB FORD  Premier of Ontario.


This 32 page journal (attached to Mr. Fords Letter and shown under BIO on this site) l was started for my own reading and use and when I informed the management of the St. Catherines Hospital, thay asked for a copy and asked for me to forward it to you Rob. It would seem to me that savings are everywhere in the system. The staff have their hands tied with unnecessary red tape and beaurocratic nonsense. These people are professional and know their jobs far better by being on the front line.  PLEASE get your priority’s! You are an intelligent man and know business practices work better than government ones. Health care in Canada stinks. Let this be your legacy.  To fix health care.  Some suggestions. ---

#1  Put long term patients into their homes with other healthy citizens in need of subsidized housing to act as their companion or caregiver.

#2  Give people the opportunity to pay for some of their health care if they desire to skip the line.

#3  Promote the health care associations such as the “Fonthill Medical assoc”.

#4  Fund more hospital beds and O R’s and clear the bedlam in Emergency rooms.

#5  Stop the Petty concerns of the hours our liquor stores are more healthy and happy with less stress for those who are facing health problems.

#6  Stop closing hospitals that are functioning well in smaller communities. I am referring to the Welland Hospital. Sick people could care less what a hospital looks like if they get the care that they deserve. New bricks and mortar are meaningless if there are no funds to operate them.

#7  Give police and emergency people direct access to the hospital facilities without having to use the Emergency entrance and registration. Many of these problems are with frequent drug and alcohol offenders and the mentally challenged. Surely a simple form can facilitate this change.

#8   Approach Mr. Trudeau with a tin cup and see if he would be as willing to give Ontarians a few hundred million as he is to some 3rd. world country that little is known where the money goes when it leaves our shores. Feed our people first.

Paul D. Scott. 23 Aaron Trail, Welland Ontario.  289 820 7783.


SNC Lavalin - job losses?


Any one with half a brain will know, after reading a couple of stories on this company, the only job losses that will occur if a court case transpires will be the givers and especially the takers of bribes. Perhaps Justin Trudeau and his followers will indeed have to worry about looking for a new job. SNC Lavalin have $52.8 billion in contracts on their books to fulfill. Lots of Canadian worker’s doing ordinary jobs will be OK for years to come. 

Our Prime Minister would do well to allow our oil to leave our western coast and reduce foreign oil coming in our eastern coast. He could start the pipelines since he paid over 4 Billion dollars for a company that does that very thing.  That will employ many more thousands of jobs seekers. This would really show if he was concerned about jobs.    Paul D. Scott  


Reader still alive thanks to the Juravinskis

Re: The Juravinskis: A letter to our community, May 29

Proudly I wear the cap given to me by the Juravinski Clinic in Hamilton.

It says "24 Karat grandpa Juravinski graduate."

Thanks to the staff of this fine hospital, (I am a survivor of esophagus cancer), and the financial support provided by Charles and Margaret Juravinski and the staff, I have my life.

Eight months ago, I was given six months to live and then I was introduced to the hospital and staff of the Juravinski teams in Hamilton. After many tests and procedures my team of surgeons headed by Dr. Shargall took no time to book a surgery within two weeks.

We don't fool with cancer I was told, delays can be fatal.

My recovery is still in progress and my body feels very foreign to me as I have no esophagus, only half a stomach and my insides are still working into a rather changed space.

But, here I am able to eat, and sleep and enjoy another beautiful spring in my Canada.

Paul D. Scott




First Nations win more of our taxes


Aren’t you getting a bit tired of hearing that we the tax payers are now on the hook for yet another payout to our insidious First nations people? If I didn’t know better, I would be feeling sorry for these folks, where do they put all this loot. I read somewhere that since 1946 they have received over 1.2 Trillion Canadian dollars. In the 70’s, remember, our buck was .05 cents higher than the US dollar. They really cleaned up back then.

This recent windfall will be to appease the kids and the parents to the tune of $40,000.00 each, for each child that for many reasons we probably should not discuss, was given a clean home and three meals a day and a better than average education. Now as I read in the newspaper, if there were three kids from one family taken to a boarding school, each child will receive $40 grand and each parent $40 grand for each child.  That family will get somewhere close to $360,000.00. The government figures that over 54000 kids are involved so tighten your belts people, how much more does Mr. Dressup expect us to endure before we throw him and all the rest of these fools out?

Paul D. Scott




Re:  The Welland Tribune – Scheer challenged to attend PRIDE. 


For many here in Ontario that are first time voters either because of age or newly entering our country and interested in who’s who, and where do the parties stand on many important topics that we are voting on this fall.  Listen up.

The Liberals and many in the LGBTQ12S (I have lost track as to what all this means) community have a great knack for bunching things together and painting everything the same colour, especially when it suits them. To say Andrew Scheer, Canada’s Conservative leader, is not fit to represent Canada as our Prime Minister because he is not in favour of Human rights, is ridiculous. He, along with a vast majority in Canada agree to your right to be whatever sex you wish. However, we also have the right to express and hold that marriage between a woman and a man is to multiply and bring forth children. It takes two (opposite sex) to tango, for this to become true marriage. With all your sex orientation and gender identity, marriage, for most of us is between a man and a woman.

So, are you looking for a party to vote for, one that holds to the past well founded morals of this great country, or are you wanting to move into unchartered territory where former rules are forgotten? --  a place where there are no morals regarding the sanctity of life and marriage, where drugs are legal?  Some food for thought, a decision that could affect you and your country well into the future.

Paul D. Scott    Welland






Ever hear of this group?  Perhaps it is about time we the people of this great country woke up to the foul things that are being done to our country through groups like “SumOfUs”. The internet is a powerful instrument for good and bad. SOU may do some fine work in some parts of the world but they are a power that should be put down as far as I see it.  Canada is a country blessed with many raw materials.  Vast Forests, minerals, oil and gas, fresh water and much more. For the most part we as a nation have been pretty good stewards over this wealth. The oil sands have had millions spent to keep the environment and the landscape as close to it’s natural form.  The oil from the oil sands is much better and cleaner.  Our forests are re-planted after harvesting the trees. Mining companies are required to leave as little evidence that they were there as possible.  Where there is industry there will be pollution of some kind.  That is the penalty we must pay for our life style and to be able to compete with industries from around the world. Some would have us living in teepees and farming with oxen and horse drawn carts. God has provided this country with this wealth in raw materials but there are some that are doing there best to keep it from being enjoyed by our citizens.  It is to the United states benefit that Canada not be able to get our gas and oil to the west coast and create a larger customer base. Presently our only customer is the USA as we have no efficient way to move it to our eastern customers.  Big money has been very successful in stopping pipe lines from the world’s 3rd. largest supply of oil and gas in Alberta to the west coast or eastern Canada. The USA purchase our oil at a 25% discount from world prices and we pay out about $700,000 per day for oil from the middle east arriving in tankers up the St. Lawrence river. The USA saves about $1,000.000 per day buying our oil at discount prices. Why would they or their agents not try to stop us from getting our oil to more than one customer? The Tide, Packard and Rockefeller foundations and more including VP Al Gore and  SumOfUs all have a great deal to lose if we break out of our self made cocoon and start acting more mature.  The West coast Indian population also has a great deal to benefit in jobs and a better life style if these pipelines are installed. Chief Judy Wilson of the Nesconlith Indian band, and others are being hoodwinked by these and other American governments, investors and foundations. Chief Wilson has a flock of less than 600 that are responsible for the many millions of Canadians hardships in high gas and oil prices and jobs.  Shame on you PM Trudeau for allowing this rip off to continue.

Paul D. Scott.





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