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It’s time to bring our province back to some semblance of sanity with regard to our ever increasing Electric bills.  In the past, we would call our Electricity just “Hydro” and be proud that here in Ontario and Quebec we had the most reliable and cheapest Electricity in North America. Water running through turbines creating abundant power, this water has run constantly through our rivers and streams since man walked on this soil. I live very close to Niagara Falls and it never ceases to amaze me the power and constant longevity of that wonder of nature. It has flowed for thousands of years with no end in sight.  So why as an intelligent human being would you not cling to this resource and take full advantage of its benefits.

 Billions of our tax dollars have been spent on nuclear plants and on coal fired plants and then on scrubbers to clean the coal plants so as to run as clean as the natural gas plants. And still our rates for electricity were rising but tolerable. Politicians being what they are, have to meddle in areas that they know nothing about because of ego and just wanting to appear to be doing something to justify their existence and to  spend more of our money to give us things we don’t want or need.  Wind power and Solar are the latest to be available so let’s spend the money that could and should go to a better health programs or other worthwhile social programs and tweak the already efficient electricity sector.

Ready and waiting with hands out are the Al Gore’s and David Suzuki’s of the world ready and able with a plan albeit flawed, to sack whatever politician gullible enough to believe the crap trap they have conjured up. And here we are a few years later with the highest Electricity bills in North America and rising steadily we are told by our leaders, for the next 20 years.

A very insightful and in depth article by Ross McKitrick and Tom Adams appeared in the National Post Oct. 30/14  titled ”Ontario’s Green Fiasco”, it explains why we need to take steps at once to stop this madness. Premier Wynne is not listening; her plan is to increase the wind farms three times larger in no more than 7 years.  Kevin Lynch, vice chair of BMO Financial Group, stated bluntly “that Ontario has a serious growth problem” due of course to our present and escalating energy costs. Let’s get Niagara Falls back to full capacity and take the wind out of Wynne.

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