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Psychic Epidemic

Man is his own worst enemy

Oct 30th. 2021

Covid has been with us now for almost two years and it would seem that it will be with us in some sort of form for as long as we the people will put up with it. Now that the jab has been proven to be almost useless, many European countries have banned Moderna and the potency of all the forms is about 4-6 months. The so-called vaccine will not protect recipients from getting or passing the virus on. In addition, reports coming from Israel and Great Britain are showing large percentages of those receiving the second and third shots are getting very negative reactions, many are dying. We in Canada are not generally getting the true picture of this jab as our media is caught up as most of our population with the illusions the vaccine is adequately safe. It is more obvious as time passes that it is not.

Vaers is the only recognized vaccine reporting agency that reports results after stringent verification and can only really be considered for about 10% of the overall cases as it does not get all the reports from hospitals and other institutions because of its strict rules. Their figures when all considered shows that deaths to date in the USA from all the jabs is about 200 thousand. This is a staggering number considering covid has only taken less than 1% or 700 thousand people in the USA which in many experts’ opinion is highly overstated.  We are warned by some scientists that blood transfusions are risky if the donor has been vaccinated with the covid jab.

The Roman Catholic church has been strangely silent on the covid subject considering aborted baby parts are used in the Pfizer and Moderna injections. Archbishop Vigano has stated that, we have a duty to refuse it. However, where does the Pope stand?  I am sure that most of my Christian friends did not know when they were coerced into taking the jab, all the negatives that have been exposed in the last few months. Who would know? We, to this day still have no idea what the contents are, although scientists are now making concerted efforts to analyze these serums and are aghast at their findings.  Particles of Iron, copper, aluminum, chromium and nickel were all found, along with squiggly contaminations and a minute oblong object that resembles a chip. However, when a magnet was used it did not respond. These professionals so far are not happy to see so many elements that are not natural and that have never been found in serums injected into a human body before. Scientists from Germany, Austria and many countries around the world have taken part in this virtual conference and the concerns are that if this injection gets into the blood stream, (some feel it will) catastrophic result will transpire. Big pharma does not put the contents on their products and are exempt from any liability if you were inclined to sue for any reason. Our government has also declined any responsibility if things go wrong. How foolish we have been to listen to fools in the media and our leader to allow ourselves to be conned into putting a foreign substance into our God given bodies without knowing more about them. It is looking more and more that the Jab is perhaps - The Mark of the Beast.

There is no doubt in my mind that this has been the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the human race. It didn’t just happen overnight; it has been in the the works for many decades.  Covid is only a means to an end for big pharma. The money lies in getting the vaccine program into the world population. Billions if not Trillions of dollars are filtered down to millions that will benefit financially with this New World Order. Pfizer alone spends more on advertising than on research. Of course, we can’t forget that evil man Klaus Schwab and his New World Order under the World Economic Forum that has a membership of almost every conglomerate and many high-ranking politicians in the world. The people must be aware of the devious plans for our future and start to push back. 

The trouble with this world is not evil, it is our Ignorance.  Diwali  

Fear is the virus   -   Truth is the cure.

“Phycological Diversion has literally brainwashed a great deal of our population into fighting for those wicked forces, unknowingly, unwittingly.”  Mikki Willis


Paul D. Scott

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