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Who really is in charge?

Politicians or Health Professionals?


The past two years should have been a wake-up call to Canadians but I fear we have settled once again into our comfort zone of complacency and subserviency to our political system. Canadians have a history of being friendly peaceful and law abiding, respecting our history and taking pride in our heritage.  Canadians have also been known for our humour and on the other hand for our distinction as excellent fighters as shown in our accomplishments in the two great wars. Over the years, we as a nation have lost our pioneer spirit and morphed into a society more resembling many European countries. We have become separated more and more from our friends and neighbours.  Perhaps intentionally to show some independence from our cousins to our south, I fear that we have allowed ourselves to be too culturally diverse and that has allowed socialism to gain a foothold. This is most obvious in our health care which is greatly in need of a complete re-vamping. It is an admirable position to make sure your population is given as much help to maintain good health, however, if some responsibility is not taken by the individual, eventually the individual will give over all decisions to the state and I fear this is exactly what has transpired over the past two years.

 My position has not formed over night or without a great deal of experience in dealing with the system for the past sixty years. If my wife and I had not taken our lives and the lives of our two deaf sons into our own hands our lives would have been much different. Our oldest son was to be institutionalized until Joan asserted her authority to keep him in society. Otherwise, who knows what his life would have been like. Perhaps I would be the grandfather of only two instead of four. My personal involvement with health care in Canada goes back to 1963 following a life-threatening auto accident. Five weeks hospitalization rather than the possibility of five months. Sept. of 2019. I was told I had 6 months left before dying of cancer. Many times, in my life, I had to make decisions that went against the protocol. I was not happy with the Oncologist when she tried to put me in a regiment of a few months of chemo and radiation. She flew out of the office and warned me I was a goner. I survived a serious threat to my life by taking charge of my body and over three years later, here I am. It may be just luck but I think not. The latest was two years ago when the covid 19 reared its ugly head, the most recent decision was whether to take the so-called vaccine. I opted to wait until more information was available. That never materialized, more and more negatives were exposed until I decided it was not for me or my family. Most of my family went against my better judgement much to my disappointment. Now we are finding that my instincts, though many times challenged by my own doubt and the external pressures of superiors and the media were correct. So far we have avoided covid and its variants in spite of our age and many of the other faults such as overweight, heart, respiratory and diabetes complications. There is one thing we do not have to be frightened of and that is the many health problems that the dreaded Gene therapy is manifesting itself in much of the public, my recently deceased brother being one who after three shots, died unexpectedly from uncontrolled vomiting blood from internal bleeding.  Some health care workers are calling it Global Genocide.  As of this date Feb 13/22, more deaths in the USA have been recorded from the jab than from all covid.

A round table five-hour discussion was held by Sen. Ron Johnson (R/wis) to bring many world-renowned doctors and scientist together for discussion on covid, and what to do going forward.  The one consensus from the 15 plus at the table was that early detection was the key in the future to reduce deaths. Many relayed stories of doctors following laid down protocol of sending patients home with no instruction more than drink fluids and take aspirin until you can’t breathe and then get hospitalized and be put on a respirator until you die. So many would be alive to-day if anti-viral meds were prescribed early. Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were initially being used with few casualties until medical staff were instructed to go only by the protocol or loose their privileges and license. Deaths rose substantially but little could be done.  This flies in the face of the doctor’s Hippocratic oath “do no harm.” Many studies were revealed by the participants, one was a study on 1.9 million children ages 0-16 during the Delta variant that revealed O-masks, O lockdowns, O deaths. This without any further discussion would appear that children do not need to follow the dictates of our political nut jobs.

Some of the participants caused one MD to get very emotional. They would helplessly watch their patients dieing and not able to perform their life saving skills. Dr. Paul Marik was one who was a victim of this new protocol that killed more than 8 million Americans unnecessarily. He stated very clearly that a hospital is not the place you want to be if you are sick. It can be a very dangerous place.

Dr. Robert Malone the inventor of mNRA stated that this vaccine given for covid is biological dangerous.

Cancer cases are showing a 300% increase and neurological disease has increased 1,000%. The CDC and the defense department of the USA need to be investigated. Dr. Ryan Cole stated that cancer is showing up in patients following the Jab. Spike protein binds to cell producing cancer. Myocarditis in the heart causes inflammation and swelling of the heart and all that get the jab are at risk. There are 21,000 cases reported in the USA.

 Dr. Richard Urso warned against remdesivir that has replaced HCQ. He warns that the vax does not remain in the entry point muscle but goes to the brain which has disastrous complications.

Nurse Nicole Siroter RN  gave graphic stories of how her hospital resembled a concentration camp.

The information presented in this five-hour round table conference attended by a cross section of real and informed medical workers and doctors and scientists and others that have been on the front line against covid from the beginning, was sobering to witness. Many have lost their jobs, many have been ridiculed by lesser men and women, some have incurred huge debt by voicing their professional opinions, some Nobel recipients for their work in virology have been belittled and scorned for taking a stand against money and control hungry tyrants. There was never complete unanimity but everyone in the room agreed that early treatment could have saved millions of lives. In the opinion of many, early treatment was held back by protocol that was inspired by non-medical minds that it now seems had a much more sinister agenda.

Our prime minister Justen Trudeau (Castro) is following in one or other of his father's footsteps, Trudeau, the older, in the early 1970’s enacted the War measures act that at the time created a very traumatic atmosphere in Canada, so along comes his Prodigy to do the same only under an new name for taking control as a dictator.  Or, if he was sired by a tyrant, Fidel Castro, that would explain everything.

Paul D. Scott 


Trudeau’s approval rating on this date Feb. 15th/22      16%

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