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Theories for our Future

Aug 1st 2023


My experience as a writer of fiction is very limited. Limited to being non- existent.  Some would disagree after reading over 200 of my short musings and views, for some of my ideas are foreign to many and must be fictitious. Most of my stories are on my web site – Having written 7 books, I may have taken some artistic liberties.   We are told to not concern ourselves with the future as we really have no control over what will be. However, humanity being what it is, the curious will always try to make predictions.

The world is in turmoil as it has never been before. Wars have come and gone and as demonic as war is, in some parts on our blue speck called planet earth, many were able to continue a normal life. Not so in our world of 2023. In spite of the fact that many are unaware of what is really going on, all humanity will eventually be consumed by a total evil that will encompass the earth. Have you ever wondered how stupid many of our leaders are to do and make decisions that seem to go against all reason. After four years of Trump in the Whitehouse, the USA was beginning to claw its way back to becoming free of war, energy independent, with sealed borders, better armed and able to control adversaries such as Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. Jobs were returning as China was being treated by a determined business man that knew how to get things done. Biden, the politician and the far left took over and within a few months the USA was quickly becoming a third world country. Open borders, lawlessness in the Democratic cities, dependent on foreign oil, schools taken over by the so-called Woke, rigged elections and a general disregard for sane political decisions. What was going on?

 In Canada, we were experiencing similar atrocities against the public. Monkey see, monkey do. Trudeau (Castro) not to be outdone had his own evil plans. Harass the clergy and put many Christians and opposition thinkers in jail, freeze innocent citizen’s bank accounts, restrict non vaxers from travelling and attending church and other activities, and dividing the populous in the name of good medicine, (which has now been proven to be bad medicine)

 STOP, when you analyze all the variables, you see exactly what the plan is. So many of our leaders in politics, industry, finance, medicine and science, and the ultra-wealthy have been duped by this unelected, want-to-be world leader, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF), to bring down our life as we know it for a life of fewer people doing the bidding of these few. “You will own nothing and you will be happy”

In spite of all the nonsense we have been hearing about how hot 2023 summer was, my mother would tell you that in 1936 it was recorded as being the hottest summer on record. Records do show that while in many spots around the world extreme temperatures are recorded, generally speaking, 1936 was the worst year for average world high temperatures since records began. I was born in the height of the heat wave. I can remember that the first air conditioning was a number of years in the future. The summer of 1945 was a scorcher too. I remember being alone at my grandparent’s cottage on Lake Simcoe and hearing on the radio that the war was finally over. I ran out on the front lawn overlooking our beautiful Lake, cheering and waving my arms, THE WAR IS OVER – THE WAR IS OVER!!! To celebrate, I peeled an orange and ate it straight away. Oranges were a special treat and I celebrated alone but in a royal fashion. I was ten years old and I knew this was a special day. All the world was in fear of the Nazi Hun and rightly so. However, to-day there is a hidden sinister evil that is far harder to overcome than Hitler and his gang of incorrigibles. It is a divisive plot to reduce the world population by any and all means possible.

Joe Biden is a consummate liar as so many of our leaders are. Biden being a politician, can be given a little slack. Almost all in politics, if they are in power long enough, they will pick up this sinful habit.  Biden has been at the pig trough for 5o years, he is a real pro. Without a doubt the most corrupt president the United States has produced. Biden lied when he made the statement that hot weather has killed millions when true figures have shown that 4.6 million have died from the cold weather and approximately 500,000 from heat. Hot weather is uncomfortable but freezing cold is deadly.

 Our prime minister Justin Trudeau (Castro) and his Liberal pal south of us have done more harm with their divisive rhetoric. Ask any high school and college student, what is the greatest threat to your generation? China or Russian aggression, drug abuse, failed schools or corrupt government, or an attack on our freedoms and free speech?  It isn’t our out-of-control debt, the answer is in the majority of cases, Global warming or climate change. The London Daily Telegraph poll found that more than half of students surveyed believed that the world could end in their lifetime due to climate change. What nonsense, real science has proven all these claims to be false. Young people seem to have given up plans for a long and fruitful life. Many are still living at home with no desire to marry or have children. Stephen Moore writes that Psychologists have a name for these disfunctions “eco-anxiety” it is a fear that Mother Earth is going to punish us in a brutal way, and very soon. I wonder if the book of Revelation in the Bible is having an influence on their thinking?

Our world has been evolving since time began. We now are to be worried that the coral reefs are collapsing because of ocean warming. Where do we find coral reefs? In warm waters, not cold. So, if the waters increase in temperature a few tics, this is good for the coral and showing bleached coral as a result of warming waters is false. Coral bleaching is normal.

If you want the other side of the story regarding climate change, look for writings and lectures by professionals that have a better handle than most on how nature works. Greenpeace founder and expert on weather and natural world evolvement, Patrick Moore is a go-to guy to be inspired and encouraged about our home planet Earth. Mr. Moore left Greenpeace some time ago when it became very political and strayed away from its roots. Professor John Clauser, Nobel prize winner in Physics claims the UN is making a big mistake spending millions on climate change.


To sum up this writing of rantings and raves, I look to Vladimir Puton for answers as to how he can be taken down. We in the Free World must use reverse strategies. Puton is a shrewd and talented politician. The theory is that there are few if any environmental groups that are not infiltrated by Puton’s communists. They have convinced many countries that to save the environment, they must get rid of all fossil fuels, This, has weakened many countries so that competition has been so compromised that Russia now is making billions selling its oil to Canada the USA and many other countries that would otherwise be self sufficient and even in a position to export oil. The oil rich countries of the world must ban as one and compete with Russia. This will have numerous benefits to the world by reducing Russia’s income and powerful position in world affairs.  Independence and monetary benefits will be the reward for this reversal for many competing countries.


Paul D. Scott           

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