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Are we totally stupid? Time Will Tell.

March 31st.2021


Easter is in a couple of days and we are to spend it alone, just as we did this past Christmas and all the birthdays that we in a normal year would gather to celebrate as a loving family. Food, conversation, hugs, laughs and a time that could be just a memory if we continue to follow these illegal idiotic lockdowns. How badly must our society be knocked down before we as a nation will stand up and cry, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. Many of my friends and even relatives have been so adamant about following the plan laid out for them by Anthony Fauci and the communist leader of WHO, and especially our politicians who have no clue as to who to turn to for professional advice. I am a Pariah for standing up to these fools and stating a contrary alternative to what I feel will be our country’s total collapse. We are a small country population wise but with looming debt that even if we had 90% taxation, would not give us solvency. Our children and grandchildren for generations into the future will have this burden to bear. 

We can blame the system to a certain extent for our own demise. We elect insincere people to represent us, we elect them for their appearance partially, but mostly because they promise us things that if we were smart, we would know that their promises are hardly ever achievable and if they are fulfilled, we will pay for them later in increased taxes. To get elected, these scoundrels will do what Biden is doing in the USA on their southern border, or Trudeau when he promised  to have at least 400,000 immigrants from South America come to Canada this year. Naturally, they will reward their benefactor by way of their vote. US nationals must go into quarantine when coming back home but illegals-NO- they are transported to all parts of the US and set free to vote with no Covid Tests or  ID required. Stupid!

Over the past five years, we have watched the United States go through a transition rarely seen before. We have watched a corrupt administration under President Obama and his pack of Liberals with the Clintons waiting in the shadows to continue the spread of tyranny in the upcoming election. The left was terrified by the upsurge of the American people to elect a non-political, Donald J. Trump. Hillary Clinton was beside herself with anger with the reality that faced her. She claimed that she had been cheated out of her legacy. She was the anointed one to become the first woman to rule the White House. Democrats were never to accept the election of this outsider, “Trump”, this demon from the right. 

The people rose up after being numbed down for far too long by lying politicians from both sides of the spectrum.  The swamp was to be cleaned up and the Washington scum were to be exposed and banished. As it was to be revealed, Trump would have only four short years to clean up decades of decay and evil in the Nation that was once the envy of the world. His accomplishments were historic. Unemployment became the lowest in the Black and Hispanic labour forces.  The economy rose to unprecedented levels. Manufacturing returned with lower taxes and a booming economy. China, Russia and Iran along with North Korea were not so bold any more and the USA was having a house cleaning internally like never before.  The wall was finally being built on the southern borders and while Mexico was not paying for the construction, they certainly got involved by co-operating with Trump by housing immigrants on their soil and supplying as many as 25,000 troops to allow the wall to be built. The drug cartels were finally being tampered down and illegal crossings were finally put under control. In Washington, The CIA and FBI were revealing some very distasteful leaders and none were happy about being exposed to Donald Trump’s spotlight on corruption. Hillary was still coming out with complaints and lies about Trump and the media were insatiable with lies and fake news.

This man almost singlehandedly turned the nation around and also made his country fossil fuel independent. Going forward, the USA would quickly be able to meet China on Trade. Trump brought the military back with new and more powerful weapons all produced within their own borders. Trump is the only president that during his presidency, did not take his country into a new war. Many of the military were returning home and the country while still having many internal problems seemed to be recovering from the idiotic fumbling’s of past presidents, Republican and Democrat. Hollywood could not be left out of this free-for-all and so at every opportunity, entertainers belittled Trump without mercy.

Here in my country, Canadians, only informed by a bias media,  for the most part were as bad or worse than America’s harshest critics. Hate was manifested by many and it was and still is difficult to have a meaningful conversation with Trump haters. I realize that I very often will take the underdog’s position just to stimulate meaningful conversation. However, my stance on Trump and the covid19 debacle is serious. I feel that for all Trump’s shortcomings, he is a good man and was able to do more for the American people, than anyone since Ronald Reagan. He gave support to the Christian community and showed himself as a True Conservative, not like so many that would be exposed later that wore the name but truly supported the Liberal doctrine.

 Covid19 has been mishandled by well-meaning folks at the outset, but quickly taken over by those who crave power and control over as much of the world as possible. For anyone looking at the world affairs to-day, if you have an open mind, you can’t but realize things are different, our standard of living is eroding around us. We have been driven to fear and compliance to individuals that were never elected and have few credentials but much to gain by being in control.  The election held recently in the USA was a total scam. Trump was elected and overnight, then defeated by tons of ballets that emerged from Where? Far too many irregularities were perpetrated than can be listed here.  Well meaning Democrat were swamped by the left socialists in the party that were prepared to do whatever to gain power.  We are seeing the results less than - 100 days under the second reign of Barack Hussein Obama. The country is crumbling before our eyes. Don’t wait for the media to open this wound, you must go deeper and it will be obvious that the American public have again been lied to. Elections bring out the worst in politicians. Trump fulfilled almost all his promises in spite of overwhelming opposition.

Biden said very little from his basement bunker leading up to the election.  What he did NOT say was that he was going to spend the country into bankruptcy, allow thousands of children into the country by the drug cartels out of Mexico putting them into indentured slavery to prostitution and crime. Supported by the overtaxed US citizens. Unravelling all the fine changes that were putting Americans back to work and a meaningful life. Joe Biden is no saint but you have to have some compassion for the man.  He has been coerced into reversing many of his core beliefs to the social dictates of his overlords, Obama and the radical left wing of his party. He is old and weak and for whatever reason went against his wife and followed his deceased son Beau, who advised him to run for president. Ten years ago, I called Joe a “Buffoon” in my book “Rantings and Raves of a Curious Old Fart” and my opinion has not changed, however, he is being played like a fiddle and he is out of tune.  Obama would seem to be pulling the puppet’s strings along with a small minority of left-wing whackos.

As a nation, we are not stupid, we have had it too good and we expect this to go on forever. Most of us have never really known bad times. We have been overprotected by a society that says by taking a pill or following instruction and now, take the covid inoculation, all will be OK. We could live by those standards in the years when I was growing up in the 30’s, 40’s and into the 50’s. Not to-day, we are into much deeper water. We are facing a group of powerful players that do not play by the rules and they are proficient in convincing lies. They smile and avoid their adversaries by claiming they are above having to address other expert’s perfectly rational concerns. We have fallen asleep. We are just too sleepy to ask questions and the stupidity is when our health is not important enough to ask questions and be curious.

We have survived our second lockdown of Easter, this one probably more serious than the first, why? because we have allowed it to happen. The big story now is, how soon can we destroy our children by putting foreign materials into their perfect beautiful innocent bodies? Do we want to take the chance of destroying a whole generation with untested long-term results? How can a parent subject a child to an experiment with a serum that is given by a profit motivated corporation that will not put the ingredients on the label and has made sure that they are absolved of any law suits pertaining to the use of their products? If the company can’t guarantee the safety of their product, how stupid are we to allow it to be injected into our children? Remember the Thalidomide pill? Remember the generation of horribly disfigured children we spawned in the 1950’s with our desire to just take another pill to help us sleep. Pregnant women were not advised of the implications and birthed deformed babies. The excuse was that testing was not as rigorous as it is to-day. These serums can’t possibly be tested properly for long term results in mere weeks. You will not find the FDA label of approval on the covid serum bottles. It is one thing for consenting adults to take this untested Gunk, but it is something entirely different to give it to innocent children. Some might suggest at the very least we are playing a life and death game of roulette.

When all is said and done, we are adults and must make our decisions based on many things. Intuition, knowledge, advice, and for many of us, prayer.

I have been rebuked by family and friends for my stance on many subjects. But that is the price one pays for being open and vocal.  My wife and I were ready but somewhat apprehensive to get our shot a couple of weeks ago. When we read the covering consent form of 5 pages and realized that we were not to get our follow up shot in the manufacturers 21 day regiment but the government in it’s infinite wisdom were giving us a date 16 weeks away, we decided to get more info on this divorce from all we knew to be right. To our horror we found that because our federal government were totally incompetent on the procurement of the vaccine, we were to be the Guiney pigs for an experiment that Pfizer explained on line to be totally not recommended by their scientists. We would be at risk of having our natural immune system compromised and if or when a more potent strain were to appear, we would be at terrible risk. After further investigation and as we were finally free of a lot of previous health issues, we decided that if we got the shot, it could not be taken back, if we are smart and take into consideration that we could get it at a later date when more testing was done, that would be our decision. I am just in the throws of another book called “Time Will Tell.” That seems to me to be appropriate for our decision. It was very hard to go against an overwhelming wave of positivity toward this saviour given to us by the benevolent Pharma care companies, but here we are still wondering if we made the correct call.  Time will Tell.

When push comes to shove, we must all put our faith in something more than an expert or a profit driven company, a politician or the crowd. Our faith ultimately must take over. Easter is in our minds at this time of year and God has given us so much especially his own son, Jesus Christ to be brutally nailed on a cross for giving the word to us to either accept or reject. If we reject him, we will have a price to pay, if we accept him, we get to spend eternity with him.  Death is not the worst thing in life.

Paul D. Scott

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