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Canadians are far too Polite                  May 15th 2020


Far be it if we were to speak out and hurt someone’s feelings. That is just not the Canadian way, however, there is a rare and curious change in many Canadians when it comes to the American president, Donald J. Trump. Then we see the other side of the coin, the nasty side. Right from the get go about 25 years ago while watching the Oprah show on TV. Donald Trump was an up and coming media star and lauded for his accomplishments in business and entertainment. His answer to Oprah’s question has stuck with me over these many years. The question was “would you ever consider running for the President of the United States?” His answer was firm and immediate as if he had given it a lot of thought, “Yes, but only at a time when I knew I could win.” He was a darling of the left at that time as he was a Democrat. Business people are democrats for one reason, that is when it can benefit their making a lot of money. If you are an entrepreneur or a business man or woman, your instincts are to be independent of outside forces such as government, just leave me to work out my own destiny. This is only theory on my part but I do have some experience in the thought processes of an independent business man as I hired my first employee when I was 17 years old. Over the years I have been responsible for hundreds of jobs.

Trump made a lasting impression on me through that interview and indeed he waited for the time of his destiny and ran under the Republican banner and won the presidency of the USA. He made promises that seemed outlandish at the time but fulfilled them all in three years, even with the Congress and half the world against him. No man is without fault, and Trump can be included in the long line of faulty men. However, so much hate has been fired up by the media in false reports and the swamp politicians of Capital Hill that he has had an up-hill battle that would have defeated most others. Winston Churchill went through similar mistreatment but stayed the course and finally made fools of many of his adversaries. Trump may not be a Churchill but only time will tell as Trump has a way to go to complete his destiny.

And then we have Mr. Dress Up, yes, our own play actor on a stage that makes him look rather insignificant. I find it hard to believe that Justin Trudeau has almost 60% approval ratings by my fellow Canadians. The Liberal theory is working still as I write this, tax heavily and then give it back plus borrowed money to make everyone feel good.  “Look at what our wonderful philanthropicgovernment has done for us”. If you look hard enough you will find some glaring facts that should make your skin crawl. To start, every man woman and child in Canada has an accumulated debt of over $60,000.00. The experts claim that this is a low estimate.

Our Liberals are so hung up on “climate change” they are trying desperately to do away with all fossil fuels and put that industry out of business putting in excess of 70,000 out of work’ thus, weakening our country when we have the highest per capita debt in the western world. We could be one of the most successful countries in the world but we are squandering our biggest asset, our raw materials. The world, but mostly China is eating our lunch. We have decimated our armed forces sending our youth into danger with worn out helicopters, planes and ships. Now we discover that we have not been protected from the bully Chinese by not being able to supply our people with needed health protection, we are obliged to be polite and ask for a few crumbs from the Chinese buffet. “This is not the time to be confrontational with the Chinese because we do not want them to be upset with us”, says our sanctimonious PM.  The Chinese dictatorship government has kidnapped two of our citizens, put the world into chaos with numerous pandemics, taken our 16 tonnes of medical equipment and then sold defective junk back to us at huge profits. China pollutes the world in many ways, with it’s excesses and it’s cheating, it steals our technology and sends its youth to be educated here and uses them to spy on us. It signs trade deals it has no intention of honouring. 

The five eyes which Canada is a member of, along with the USA, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand is a non partisan government sponsored group that have written a document condemning China for it’s coverup on the latest attempt to world dominance, COVID19. Many other countries are taking steps against China condemning them and demanding restitution while our Mr. Dress Up sits mute hoping that China will endorse him for a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

Is this the best we have to represent us on the world stage?  A shallow over indulged playboy, a college drop out, an assistant drama teacher, someone that has never had or needed a real job?        I think not.

Paul D. Scott.


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