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OTIS  -  ACAPULCO  -  OCT 25th /23

November 16th/23

I always thought that I was a bit of a newsy guy, you know TV, newspaper, magazines and radio, but not so much radio now in Canada as we don’t have interesting talk show hosts like in the United States. I get a lot of my news as I have been called an opinion writer and much of my material comes from many interesting web sites, both Conservative and Liberal. My blog is called including over 200 opinion stories, about 100 of my paintings and a place where you can purchase my books. The title of todays’ writing is for no other reason than to have you ask, what is this all about? If you know, you probably need to find more to do with your time.

I say this as I was totally unaware of the devastation in Mexico and particularly in the city of Acapulco where we have been numerous times in the past. In researching this Hurricane, I have learned a great deal more about the city and how it has changed for good and bad. Not only 1,000.000 people were devastated by the worst Hurricane Mexico has ever had, but another 250,000 families in Coyuco de Benitez 35 kilometers up the coast have been affected terribly as well.

You never get used to unusually high windstorms, Florida has been our home away from home since 1972 and we have witnessed many Hurricanes. I was once in Hong Kong during a Typhoon. Our thirteen acres in Kirkfield, Ontario was hit by Sheer winds estimated at over 175 mph and we lost over 100 mature 200 year old trees. We have had to endure Tornadoes in the mid-west of the USA and in Orillia, Water spouts in the Gulf of Mexico, but I have never seen the destruction I saw in the pictures on line in Mexico. Condos and 20 storey Hotels left as skeletons with only the cement frame left standing. As always, the poor are the worst off as many communities are without water and food and have waited weeks now for the Government to send help. The Army apparently is not directed by Government and are at liberty to help or Not. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopes has allocated funds equivalent to $4.8 Billion Can. Dollars but many say that is only about one fourth of what is needed. There was a fund established for such a tragedy but sadly it has been lost to corruption. What are the poor people to do? No potable water or food. All the stores have been looted and the economy, tourism, is lost for years.  No cruise ships, no snowbirds, no conventions, very little Government assistance equal, no JOBS. From my vantage point, the media has seemed to have passed this news-worthy piece up for juicier stories like the Israeli-Hamas war and the Russian-Ukraine war and the Biden-Xi war of sorts. News announcers at the outset of this forgotten story said that the Category 5 storm with winds of 165 mph or higher, was a result of climate change. It most certainly was a climate change for those in the storm’s track. However, there may be some validity to the thoughts that man could have been behind this unusual phenomenon, something like Chem trails.

Otis was not a normal Hurricane, it materialized from normal winds to hurricane force wind in approximately 12 hours. In a normal scenario this would take many more hours as a shift higher of 35 mph takes at least 24 hours. Cat.5 storms are unheard of on this coast. So, what is the conspiracy behind the story in Mexico. Hold onto your hats, it is all climate change by men who are really changing the climate if only to destroy a city of one million people to show they can. The word is, Acapulco has been slowly changing and becoming more corrupt and famous for child porn and facilitation. It will accept almost any crypto currency and has poverty in the 50% range. The storm could have been formed by a Cold Fusion reactor which is simply heat and Heavy water. I am sure it is not simple but I am not able to explain in any more detail.  The interview was on the Brighteon show hosted by Mike Evans. James Martinez was the guest.

There are far too many inconsistencies in our news reports to suit me. Many stories have to be searched for and many just disappear from the radar. It leaves one such as myself, wondering what is going on and what am I missing? Was Otis a legitimate rogue storm or was it a foretaste of what is in store for mankind in the Last Days?

Paul D. Scott

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