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March 28th.2023


For the past couple of years, we have heard this phrase repeated and many have wondered, what are they talking about? It is all to do with the pandemic covid 19. However, “Gain-of-Function” is not new. Scientists have been playing around with this for almost 130 years. From its infancy, when scientists did their experiments outside with primitive tools, Gain-of-Function has killed more people than records can reveal. It would seem that if some scientists have their way, Gain-of- function is about to take a leading role in our society and could be a major factor in changing the world that we may never recover from. Some writers, politicians and thinkers would have all the laboratories working on Gain-of-Function projects closed, including and particularly China and Ukraine.

Many in the know have provided the story that covid 19 originated at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and that large amounts of US Government cash were given to Peter Daszak, head of the Eco Health Alliance to move the data to China at Wuhan for further study and development. Somehow the virus escaped and spread very quickly across the world. That is why Dr. Anthony Fauci is claiming the virus originated from the Wet market and not the Wuhan lab. The money came directly from Fauci. He has a lot to lose if he is proven wrong. It is any ones guess as to whether the Chinese military were responsible for the leak or was it an accident?

Gain-of-Function is when scientists take an organism and changes its properties either naturally or through experiments. In our times SARS-Cov-2, is the virus that causes Covid19. Gain-of-Function has a much more sinister aspect in that it causes the virus to move more easily between humans and is far more lethal. The debate between scientists is that some feel the experiments help them understand better how to treat the virus while other critics argue that the risk is too great and not worth the chance of another pandemic.  In the wrong hands, the world could be overcome with another disaster. It is only natural for evil minds craving for power and influence to want to take such a powerful tool and use it for the benefit of a few to harm so many as the covid 19 has done this past three years. Many stories are coming out about a new vaccine that will confirm the projected rumour of another pandemic made up of the covid, HIV and Avion flu, that would be more devastating than the last pandemic.  The vaccine to counter this will have devastating effects on the recipients but the FEAR will cause many to proceed with the jab anyway. Many that are already fully vaccinated and boostered will be at much worse risk of very serious after effects as their natural immune system has been severely compromised. It has been reported that this vaccine is on route now to many parts of the United States to be ready for the next outbreak. If they go along with the evil plans for world dominance, this will, if the critics are right, turn many into zombie like sub-human creatures. Some will experience cracks and liaisons on their skin and others will lose their ability to make humane decisions. Many reading this will think I have lost my mind. I am only repeating what many are saying what could be next if we allow it to happen. There are many things happening that seem to be leading up to a scenario that indicates our future is in jeopardy. Please, do not shoot the messenger.  Who would have believed what the world has just experienced with covid 19. That was a walk in the park if you believe our future could be compromised again.

 Bio Weapons are not fictional, they are real. In 1975 at the United Nations Biological Weapons convention, it forbids state parties from producing, developing, stockpiling biological weapons etc. etc. It goes on to say. There should be no research, then, whether Gain-of-Function or otherwise, that seeks to purposefully develop a biological weapon. It was known almost 50 years ago to be a future threat to humanity.  If this is not making you wonder, go to for more info on the next pandemic.

 The question is not, WILL there be another pandemic, the last one did not materialize as bad as its sponsors had hoped, but WHEN will it happen?  Will we be as foolish next time? We have had a rehearsal with accepting lockdowns, masks, and government overreaction during covid 19. Let us hope we are better informed and that we are rational enough to act with caution and intelligence on our next test. Under no circumstances should you be forced to taking the deadly jab. Do not fall for all their LIES.         


Paul D. Scott

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