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Tough Times ahead –BUT!


Dec. 2020


When I was asked recently, how I was doing?  My reply was that, I have seen better days.  At my age I have lived through and experienced many things in my life.

I have lived through the 2nd. World war, the Korean, Viet Nam, middle east and various others including the Cold War.

I have been in and experienced first hand Tornadoes, Typhoons, Hurricanes’, Sheer Winds, Floods and Drought. Horrendous sea storms and snow storms.  

I have looked death head on more than once with cancer, heart and a terrific Auto truck accident.

Our two boys born deaf with no chance of a normal hearing life.

Victimized by thieves’ and near bankruptcy.

But I like most of my friends and our family, we have survived.


We are now entering another year of this insidious plague called Covid 19. As I write this piece the United States has recorded it’s 300 thousandth death. The world has been brought to it’s knees by a few powerful devils in China. We really do not know if the new serum will work and so we must, as we have done in the past, keep on keeping on. I believe we are experiencing the beginning of the “End times.”  Most scholars of the Bible will tell you that the signs are pretty much in place to fulfill God’s promises. We have taken his gift to us and so mismanaged it and gone against his every law.  My country is a disgrace to me. Our laws have been so manipulated as to disgust our Christian society. Legalizing drugs, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality and now teaching babies at the age of 5 and 6 years old in our schools to doubt and challenge their God given gender. The world is going to enter into a very difficult time of Flood and Fire and damnation. No climate change consortium or group or group of nations will have their will over what is to come.  BUT- be of good faith and remember this time of year is when we celebrate the birth of God’s only son “JESUS CHRIST” who came among us 2,000 years ago to give us the opportunity to follow his teachings and be saved from the evils of this world.

God loves you and you and you and you, He sent his son to save you if you only believe in him.    God Bless you this CHRISTmas.

Paul D. Scott


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