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My Canada


Most of my life I have touted the benefits and expressed my pride in my country.  Canada has been good to me and I have reciprocated as best I could by contributing back as a small employer of many people in my journey through this life. Over the past 80 years there have been many changes in this land and I would have to say that the negatives far outweigh the positives.  Growing up in two large cities and a small town, I think I can comment as well as anyone the contrasts between then and now. I was born in the midst of the great depression. Times were hard but as a child I was never aware of just how difficult it was for my parents. My father made about $15.00 a week and that was the only income as women were rare in the work force of the day.  And then things changed, another great war was upon us and everything that was normal was to be put upside down.  Jobs changed for most dads, some changed jobs to work in munitions plants and some went off to fight for our country. Wages went up a bit and some mom’s went into the job market and some even went into the military. Big changes were upon us. Still, my life was pretty normal as my mom was still at home looking after her family and my dad still went off to work every day and was home for dinner at his regular time every night. He was born too young to fight in the 1st. WW and too old for the 2nd.  He was an air raid warden on our street in Leaside. His uniform consisted of a metal helmet, a white belt of sorts and a whistle. I was in my glory when I was able to show off my dad’s duds to a little girl across the street that I had a fancy for.  Hell and dam were the swear words of the day and they were rarely uttered in public, I am sure there were other words used but I never heard them.

 We had the radio and the telephone and very little more in communication gadgets, one of my parent’s friends was a telegram deliverer and his mode of transportation was a bicycle. Even to me that was pretty old fashioned.  Newspapers were our major source of news and as far as I know it was pretty much reported with little bios. No morning papers in our town but three major national papers, The Star, Telegram and the Globe and Mail. I had the Toronto Star route in Brampton which was the most popular paper, many times 56 pages or more @.03 cents per copy made for a long and tiring evening for a 10 year old with a bike basket loaded with 100 papers.

The media to-day print what they want and often put their own spin on political stories to suit the leanings of the owners and management. This is also the problem we have with the media as a whole. To-day, the public must be aware that what is reported may not be accurate and or may not even be reported if it does not fit into the politically correct position held by that particular media.

I am most upset that my Canada has strayed so far from our moral code that I hardly recognize it. Obscene language and graphics are a daily routine and we are so accustomed to it that it is far from being noticed any more. Sure, we were pretty naïve in the 50’s and into the 60’s but we were far more humane, thoughtful, sensitive, caring and civil, we lived by the age old 10 Commandments given to Moses from the mount. Our whole culture has been influenced and formed around it for thousands of years.  By the word of God, the Jewish and Christian God.  Not the Muslim so called God.  Our government and some Christian clergy are leading the citizens into a false belief that we are safe from those who have sworn to kill any one that does not fall down before Allah and Mohamed and worship the Muslim God.  Christians and Jews are tops on their kill list. Where Christianity is based on love, the Muslim faith is not and directs it’s followers to destroy all infidels that will not reject their faith.

How can I be proud to be a Canadian when my government condones Abortion, Feticide, and Euthanasia?  Where is the dignity of God’s gift to man?-  Life.

God gave us life in his image to walk this earth that he has provided for us with our promise to respect human life and that we are born and will live here and be taken back in death on God’s time table, not ours. To adjust these laws that have been respected for thousands of years is a sin and goes against our maker’s will and teaching.  We are supposedly a Christian country but our laws  go against so many of our God’s commandments.

What a country, everything provided if we would only follow the rules.



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