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The Way it Was 



My intent is to try to instill a desire to always look for opportunities in life and not to be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to accomplish what you might think is beyond your capabilities. Curiosity can sometimes get a person into trouble but in most cases it can open doors that would never have been discovered except for a desire to see what is under that next rock.  Build on your positive and best skills that your Maker has given you. These skills may not be apparent to you if you have avoided interaction in your life so the first step is to get out of your shell and see what you can do best. Put aside the items of to-day such as all the distractions we as a society have declared necessary in our lives. I am referring to Cell phones in particular when they become an absolute must in your life. The biggest addiction to mankind to-day is the addiction of having to be in contact with the outside world in the form of communication or entertainment. Our society is missing out on one of God’s greatest gifts that of solitude and peace through total silence.

DESIDERATA - Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

We hear from the senior members of our society that WE wouldn’t want to have to face the difficulties of our grandchildren. For many reasons we can’t conceive of the challenges kids have to-day compared to the relatively tranquil life we led. Look back 70 years and ask yourself, how would to-day’s young people survive with what we lived through?

NO TV, video games or cell phones, mom driving us from one activity to another, having to walk or if lucky you may have a bike, independence to be out of sight of parents or guardians for hours at a time; Job hunting with barely a public school education, marriage before age 21, independence from parents to raise a family in early 20’s, no fast food restaurants. There were bullies’ the same as to-day except we had no one to run to for protection: teachers that would fail you until you learned the work, know how to add, subtract, divide and multiply, spell and write, know instinctively what bathroom to enter, have respect for our elders and our country, faith in a God of forgiveness and love and a regiment of church and Sunday school on Sunday,  How did we survive?

Learned scholars and politicians are at a loss as to where our young people have gone astray. Why do we have so many determined to destroy their lives with drugs, sex and suicide? Is it not perfectly obvious? We have lost our way as a moral society and given in to a new world order of progressive godlessness and (a me first) life style.

 A generation that could teach the way back has almost passed, very few are living that can teach from hands on experience. We have seen the way it was and the way it is and we are sadly unable to be heard through the wailing of those that will not listen.

Paul D. Scott.


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