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Free Speech in Canada?



Am I the only one worried about free speech in my country?  Conversation on a one on one or in a Group is all but impossible since we as a nation but certainly in the province of Ontario has been stifled. I haven’t been to Church for 18 months and gatherings at our community centre are a thing of the past. Some friends are sending emails to special friends in code so they will not be caught saying something against the ruling elite.

Control is a very hard thing to give up and our politicians and policy makers seem to be afraid of gatherings of folks where conversation might turn to discussions as to why we are being shut up from discussing the stupidity of this world.  We are told to follow the science but only when the science fits their narrative. When we are cut off from our friends, family and co-workers, we live with our concerns without being able to discuss them openly.  The Woke in our society are very vocal and discussion of anything that does not agree with them can’t and won’t be tolerated. This is not new but is manifested in the past few months to be intolerable.  I am a Christian with all the faults of man, probably more, but I do have a moral code that has been handed down from my ancestors.  I am old fashioned by to-day’s standards and so when expressing my Christian beliefs in our local community newspaper, I was called up on the carpet and threatened that as the editor, I had no business voicing my morals on my readers. My morals are those of generations before me.  I have not changed the goal posts, The new woke have. In the “End Times” we are told in the Bible that the Church will be driven underground, this has already started. We have endured lockdowns putting most small businesses into bankruptcy while the mega companies are thriving with profits they couldn’t have imagined. 

Our medical situation here in Canada changed back when the first Trudeau was in power.  Socialized medicine was going to be the salvation for all Canadians. Pierre Elliot initiated a plan in line with only two countries that are and were communist, North Korea and Cuba. Free enterprise was hit hard by this socialist PM when all medical care must be administered by government, no supplement private practice would be tolerated. Most of this is still in effect and causing a great deal of unwarranted suffering. If you have worked hard and can afford a private professional and are willing to pay for it, good luck. Get to the back of the line many times behind those on welfare and new Canadians that have never contributed anything to our society. I remember when this fine new plan was implemented, 10,000 doctor left Canada to the States and took a whole wing from the renowned Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.  

Canada has still not recovered as we are very much in need of more doctors and health workers, this will remain a problem as long as our medical professionals are threatened by the government that their license to practice could be revoked if they are found speaking against government policy. Many renowned scientist and researchers have lost their funding grants for speaking out against the prescribed narrative. Canadians at an alarming rate seem to be fine with government and social media   making life decisions for them. Recent surveys show that 46% agree the Canadian government should regulate what they consider hate speech and 19 % have no opinion. Social media are more trustworthy apparently showing that 69% think that hate speech should be controlled and censored at their discretion, again 19% had no opinion. No one is in favour of hate speech but who is capable of drawing the line between hate speech and a difference of opinion or what fits the agenda of the acting decision makers. We have seen this in bold print with the total disregard of news items, e.g.Pres. Biden’s son Hunter, receiving millions from foreign countries for access to his father, and the censoring of a sitting president of the USA.

 Many truly reputable citizens with contrasting views on Covid 19 have been censored by government, big industry and the social media in the name of hate speech. My own government of Canada are publicizing the equivalent of hate speech when in a mailing received this week, they claim that the vaccines are safe and totally tested for over a year.  This is totally untrue as our government is breaking its own laws. The vaccine is not approved yet by the governing authorities and is being administered under an “emergency only”, edict. It is under review and studies will be on going for at least two years. Pfizer and Moderna have had ongoing testing  and failed for many years on the vaccine being administered to-day but they were rejected because they did not perform up to the standards required for approval. Many thousands have had adverse effects and more deaths as a result of taking the jab. Many regrettably, unreported.

We are facing times that many law-abiding, peace-loving people of Canada and the World cannot believe. Conservative minded people are even harder hit by the events taking place as our mind set has been upset totally since 9-11.  However, 2016 introduced a new mind challenge when Donald Trump took the reins of the greatest country we have seen since the UK and Roman times. This was a conservatism not wholly true to the tenants of the faithful. In many ways Trump hit the chord many were waiting to hear but fell away from the true ways of the faithful when free trade came under siege. Is this the death toll of the Republican party? Or can they mount another candidate that can stir the hearts of the Trumpsters and fulfill the desires of the Reaganites. I sincerely hope so. As Daniel Hannan reports from the UK. “The open society is slipping away unmourned and unremarked. By heaven, we’ll miss it when it has gone”.      

Paul D. Scott.

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