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Canadian losing

Democratic Rights

June.2nd. 2023


My main focus as a Freelance opinion writer over the past 3 years has been covid and the fall of the United States of America. This may seem like a pretty outrageous statement but as a rather interested newsy getting world information from my left-wing newspaper, all the cable news outlets, the internet and to a lesser degree the traditional news networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, CBC, CTV etc. I feel I am fairly well informed.  With the exception of the Trucker’s strike, Canadian news has been about what we would expect from our Narcissistic PM and his band of Lemmings.

However, Canadians are finding out that it matters little what we want through elections and the past rules of law. We have an old man that has outlived his place as a servant of the people and is in fact just another Trudeau flunky. David Johnston insists that he is only a casual friend of the Trudeaus, his children were friends so that makes him a casual friend, BALONY! History shows he has been a good and faithful servant of the Trudeau family and for his service to the family, not Canada, he sits on the Board of the Trudeau Family Trust, an important point that has been overlooked in many of his interviews. In response to the vote of the members of Parliament to have him ousted due to a conflict of interest, Johnston said that his mandate to probe allegations of foreign interference comes from the government and not the members of Parliament. I ask you Mr. Johnston, are our elected members of Parliament not the Government?

Perhaps we have all missed the crowning of King Justin when we were working our fingers to the bone earning enough to be able to feed and clothe ourselves. Only the Liberals opposed the ousting of this pompous old Fart 174 to 150. We need to return to {majority Rules} China has bought and paid for the Trudeau alliance as Johnston has indicated in his brief. The Chinese have already infiltrated our most sacred rite to honest elections so let’s get on with some reprisals.

The citizens of this great country are quickly losing confidence in this Woke and Progressive left-wing government. It is time for the NDP to take their role as opposition to the Liberals and put on pressure for responsible government that has been lacking for far too long.


Paul D. Scott                      

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