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EU Sponsored by CIA


Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is an accredited expert on world affairs and has a theory that seems to make a lot sense when he explains his sources and the results of the Brexit vote this past week.  The interview with Dr. Roberts was a few days prior to the vote and was quite lengthy so I will try to highlight it and point out some of his observations and theories.   

Basically he has said that the CIA was instrumental in the forming of the EU so that the USA would be able to control most of Europe as one large unit rather than having to deal with dozens of individual countries. It would also create a block against Russia. If Great Britain were to vote in favour of exiting the EU, it would not be in the interest of the USA as other countries would take a look at also leaving. He suggested that the EU would be in a position to stop the exit by having another vote after pressure was put on Britain by causing devaluation of the pound and a stock market slump and trade sanctions etc. The vote could also be declared void and if all else failed pressure could be put on the pound to force GB to tow the line. GB maintaining the pound was good and bad, if they had accepted the euro as all the other countries had, the pressure on their currency would not apply. This threat would not apply to other countries considering exiting the EU.   Pres. Obama’s trip to convince Prime Minister Cameron of the follies of leaving was a signal and Cameron fell in line as most puppets do. However the people have become very disenchanted and skeptical with their leaders and banks and big business so many scenarios have come into play here. Brits are still patriotic to their country and the EU destroys sovereignty.  Many rules and regulations coming down from a foreign land and control from Brussels did not sit well with many, the overstated monetary savings and not the least of their concerns, the lack of control Britain has on the security of its borders.

Washington will do all it can to reverse this exit, it will be a very difficult and uphill fight for Great Britain and any other country trying to exit this US controlled union.

As most thinking about their financial portfolio and trying to outguess the trends, I have always taken into consideration the enormous debt the USA has amassed. The US debt machine that never stops is now approaching $20,000,000,000 Trillion dollars.  Dr. Roberts and many others have estimated the figure to be closer to $63 Trillion. Following the trends of the past for future planning seems to be pure folly for we are in uncharted waters and only a Holy War will cleanse this earth for future generations.

Christ said, “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Sun of Man”.  Luke 21:36

Watching the evil and confusion that is so widespread in the world around us, some may be given to depression, despair and discouragement. Humanly it seems as though there is no solution to the age-old problems of war, greed and human nature, but we as Christians know that the real answer is Jesus Christ.


Paul D. Scott



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