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Canadian Truckers are an Inspiration



Just when Canada’s leadership seemed to be at an all-time low, the truckers of Canada out of sheer frustration decided to challenge our government regarding the mandates and the foolish infringements on our basic rights.  It is safe to say that among all the B/S our government has been throwing at us, taking away the right to earn a living on the political pretense of a health issue went too far. The theme was FREEDOM and the public took little time to seize the issue in support of their, and all of Canada’s cause.

Government and police heard the insults our Prime Minister was spewing at anyone that did not agree with the mandates and restrictions, and were not at all prepared for the huge support the truckers were receiving. Ottawa was there for the taking. Wellington Street at the front of the parliament buildings was filled with cars, RVs and monster Semis. Canadians finally had a voice and to get the PM’s attention the weapon for this so-called insurrection was the blasting of the truck horns. This was just too much for our venerable leader who was always protected by his face mask and three jabs. He retreated to his bunker with another case of covid and truckers’ revenge. This spineless tactic did nothing to enhance his position of leadership as he refused to negotiate or even discuss the country’s concerns, a large portion of this great land was rejected, as childish slurs were thrown at us, as he rejected our Rights and Freedoms Act. Trudeau was depending on his stalwart followers to see the little picture of parking and noise infringements and not seeing as many of us did, the big picture that the ruling government was getting out of control. As was happening across the world in Progressive jurisdictions, control and power is being abused. Many of us are concerned that we are losing our freedoms to left wing socialist agendas.

It is encouraging to see that many other countries have seen how a democracy can be dissolved by a corrupt leader as was done by Trudeau. The USA has been inspired by a convoy out of the California area and by the third day had accumulated over 600 vehicles of all types and sizes. It is appropriately called The People’s Convoy. The plan, which can be changed as events transpire will take “I 40” to just north of Washington DC to a place called Hagerstown, PA and to be there for a huge demonstration March 1st.  The “Freedom convoy” has been disbanded to join with “The People’s convoy”. With this support, the Aligarh’s will have to take notice that the people of North America are not ready for World dominance as prescribed by Klaus Schwab and Transhumanism.  Updates can be had by going to CHD News, Michael Kane.

Our prayers and good will go to all that support this act of courage that is needed to save our lifestyle. 


Paul D. Scott

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