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Silly Conspiracy ??


Conspiracy according to Webster    -   “especially in an unlawful or harmful plot.”  Or,  “a combining or working together”


I prefer to think that I am associating myself to the latter and that it is not very silly but pretty much as serious as you can imagine. The writings that you are about to read are not just the thoughts and rantings of myself, but opinions of some of the most serious scientists, intellectuals, doctors and concerned deep thinkers we have on this earth to-day. My story is not to convince my family and friends of my personal assessment of the world events taking place as we read this but to offer any that would listen the possibilities that lie before us in these confusing and trying times.

The past year 2020, has been a challenge for many and as I see it, the challenge has been how our leaders have addressed this terrible blite on us all “covid19.” If this virus had been treated no differently than a common Influenza, it would have been serious and many would die or suffer but the world would have carried on as usual. Stores, churches, sporting events, theatres, schools, gyms, community centres, all would still be operating to-day. But they are not, in April 2020 more than 100,000 small businesses closed their doors and over 3 million people lost their jobs in April and May 2020. Lifetime fortunes have been lost, worshippers have been banned from opening their churches and synagogues, human mingling and conversation has been stifled. Children have lost their way and the mentally challenged are confused and have been seriously hurt. Hospitals have been thrown into panic and many thousands of cancer, heart, and untold thousands of patients have had their procedures put on hold killing many.

Seniors have taken the worst hit. Many have perished alone without loved ones by their side in their final hours.  How inhumane can we be to not complain and not do something about it. We have been subjected to wearing masks even within our own homes and to be separated from one another, which is a necessity for the human race. If we look at all the statistics, we all know that masks do not work. No mask made can filter a virus. Human distancing of 6 ft. comes from an early 20th. century doctor attending TB patients. Wash your hands thoroughly and often and if your feeling sick, stay home and away from others. That’s the good advice we should have been told from the beginning. Protect the elderly and the sick and keep everyone else living out their normal lives. However, for the Oligarchs and the few corrupt billionaires that salivate for total control over all mankind, this was their opportunity to take over. Follow the 3rd. Reich and initiate the beginnings of the 4th. Reich. The first step is to put fear into the populous, separate them from holding discussions with one another. (Isolation) The second phase is to make the public subservient to their leaders by wearing the mask. The same as the Jews yellow star arm patch in Nazi Germany. Have I got your attention yet?  This may seem to be the words of a fanatic fool but many German Jews that I have listened to say that what we have experienced over this past year, is reminiscent of the late 1930’s in Nazi Germany.

If what you have just read doesn’t stimulate your brain to learn more or make you want to enter into further discussion, you may get a rude awakening because what is to follow is not going to be pretty and you might want to prepare yourself for the future.

I have spent many hours researching, listening and reading what professionals have to say about these times we are living through. Scientists from Germany, the UK, Australia, Austria, Norway, USA, Israel, Canada and others. All expressed a common theme that while covid19 is a serious world problem, many scientists and medical experts’ opinions were ignored, and control was taken over by powerful outside forces that have a special agenda of world dominance and control.  One name that keeps popping up in their discussions is Bill Gates. He is not the Choir boy that many have imagined. He first came on the scene when his mother managed to find him a job at IBM. She had some influence and he then through some devious way got control over the burgeoning Microsoft. In 1995, it appeared Gates was in a lot of trouble with the US government, then all of a sudden, we heard about the Bill and Belinda Gates foundation and nothing more was heard of the government inquiries. Look into Gates and the Maxwell bank, planned parenthood, Eugenics, Monsanto, (Agribusiness in place of regenerative agriculture) the Rockefellers, Jeffery Epstein, DNA genetic engineering, Identity passports, micro chips inserted into everyone with all your private information open to Gates and Microsoft. Sort of draws you to the Bible prophesy and the mark of the Beast 666.

Watch out for the next phase of vaccines for children, this should never be allowed to go ahead. Sick Kids hospital in Toronto, the world’s #1 children’s hospital has sent a letter out stating that children are not candidates for any treatment as they are not affected as recipients or spreaders of covid19.

The Gates foundation is the largest contributor to the pharmaceutical industry and controls huge blocks of stock in this field. Toni Fauci must take some credit here as well. He has established himself in a very enviable spot of designing, marketing, controlling patents and approving vaccines. He has over 3500 patents and has been a recipient of large sums of money from Gates and others. There are many more that have been instrumental in moving the world into more and more chaos. George Soros with his 12-Billion-dollar cheque book is another candidate for our investigation. There are many more that are intent on being a part of world dominance. This is just the scab covering a wound that will be difficult to heal. Frighten your population, separate them from discussion and social distance and then mark them with an ID that shows compliance with the system. The people that are behind this evil deception are not doing it for greater wealth. It is for control and they use the system and those in charge of the system for the same reason, control, control, control.

We as a nation of God-fearing hard-working citizens are doomed.  Our life has changed over the past year so dramatically and will change even more and faster if we do not act now. We are facing a life that if we do not act soon, we will be subservient to a government that will have total control over our lives. They have already set out the plan in the USA of doing away with all ownership, open borders, defunding the law enforcement causing violence in the streets, forcing race riots and pitting Blacks against Whites and Whites against Asians. This is not who we are.

This will not be easy.  The first step is to show our sleepy population what we are facing. The public are not at all ready for a fight. Big pharmacy has already given us the plan, they are now advocating not one or two shots, but now a booster shot every year. More chemical gunk to deaden our brains and keep us under control. We must convince the people of our great nations Canada and the USA, the UK and Europe that we are under siege. Our adversaries are great and rich, Government, multi-national big business, social media, Hollywood, multi billionaires and public ignorance will all be our enemy.  Can we be victorious? Yes, we can.  But we have to return to our core beliefs. The reason this land has been so good to us. It was a God-fearing group that settled this land, we are all here for a better life under God and we as a nation have forgotten the rules.  We have allowed sin and depravity to take over our lives. Little by little the sins of man have replaced our better judgement. We have allowed history and God and civility and respect to be removed from our educational institutions and here we are with a new generation without any sense of morality, no respect for the difference between man and woman, no respect for the ones that have gone before us and built this country for us to enjoy. It is hard to believe how careless and stupid our leaders have become. Once in power, they will say and do what ever they have to. All morals and sensibilities are discarded to maintain their position of power and control. We must convince our neighbours to be aware of the perils ahead.  To be for-warned is to be for-armed.

The world is wakening up to this horrifying place we see ourselves.  Because the US and Canada have Class actions available to us where many other countries do not, we are mounting class action suits here in Canada and also in the USA. New Zealand does not have this protection and as we speak, military police are going from door-to-door testing for covid19 and removing any mother or father or child to compulsory confinement outside the home and restricting the other residents to house arrest. This is ludicrous as there has not been a test for covid developed yet because the virus has to be isolated first and this has not yet been accomplished. The tests currently being used are flawed and do not give an accurate reading. It has been stated that New Zealand is being used to test the limits a country will go before the people will say, enough is enough.

In Canada we have two lawyers mounting class action suits. They are Rocco Galoti Lawyer in Toronto and Michael Swinwood in Ottawa, Ontario.  Mr. Galoti  is suing Canada, Ontario, Toronto and many MPs and MPPs, mayors and ministers of health and more. The results of these suits will be of interest for the future of the world.  

Paul D. Scott.

March 24th, 2021

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