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Quebec Kickbacks.                                          March 2019

SNC Lavalin


So, what’s new about Quebec being the capital in North America for giving Bribes for favours or orders.  In my former business as a manufacturer’s sales agent in Ontario representing a number of manufacturers and distributors in Montreal. It was common to have competition from Quebec that used bribes to obtain orders. My first point when negotiating a contract was, there would be no bribes given to my customer for orders. I lost two large orders where $5,000.00 was the standard amount paid to a merchandise manager under the table.  I am not breaking any confidences by naming names as it was a common problem for those of us that made a living legally and morally. I came very close to losing my manufacturing company because of the great debunked Sears company. Woolworth was another company that sank into oblivion and made it hard for legitimate sales to be obtained.

This preamble is to bring the great SNC-Lavalin company into focus. Being based in Quebec and recently charged again for bribing and other misdemeanors comes as no shock to those that have been affected by their illegal acts. Because a former pre-trial was taking too long our court system has just recently dropped charges against two former executives of SNC Lavalin for similar offences in the past. Not much wonder our former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould was out to enforce the laws and put this company off the money trail here in Canada.  SNC Lavalin is holding orders from our federal government for over 52.8 Billion dollars as we write this. The rotten smell is getting worse. A corrupt government scrambling for cover, the second most powerful man in Canada resigning as he did while taking the Ontario liberals into virtual extinction. Just out of curiosity, how did Gerald Butts accumulate $23 million? Did he inherit it from his coal mining father? He has $10 million more than his former boss who was fortunate enough to have had a rich grandfather. The Canadian voters had more confidence in Justin than his father Pierre that held back the fortune until his son was in his mid 40’s. He must have known something about his boy.

How many government employees have been paid off for favours to the decision makers in Ottawa?  SNC Lavalin has acquired many billions of our taxes in lucrative government infrastructure contracts. Was Butts involved in awarding some of those contracts? Just saying!!!

We keep hearing from the press and the faithful Liberal lemmings that Trudeau was only thinking about the 9,000 jobs that would be lost if SNC Lavilin were to be tried and convicted of the charges made and laid.  This figure is grossly over blown and I am sure there are many other contractors out there that would be happy to hire on and take over these government plums.   

I have been around for a long time but can’t remember when there was so much unrest in global politics.  USA and its division between the far left and the Republicans, and the fiendish desire to impeach Trump – Great Britain “Brexit” – France with riots in the streets over extreme taxes – Israel trying to unseat their prime minister and China and Russia doing their best to help America self destruct, and here at home in our Canada, another political swamp to be cleared up. I predict this will all blow over and the Progressive left wingnuts running things now will continue as if nothing is wrong with our society.  We get the government we deserve and we as passive Canadians are sitting ducks for those who would destroy our values and former life style. We don’t even have a duck blind.

Paul D. Scott

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