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Grouchy Old Man


It’s hard to be not grouchy when you get to a certain age. I find myself to be pretty short with my wife and grandkids and that is pretty normal because they are family and don’t count. I mean that in the most loving way because family are more understanding, or should be after having this old fart around for so long. They know that whatever is said, love trumps all.

Old people have reason to be hard to get along with because they don’t have a lot of time to put up with stupid people with stupid ideas.  WE become very opinionated and impatient with the world in general. We see opportunities passed  by many that are younger just because we may have failed to recognize them when we were passing through earlier.

What makes me so very irritated is the stupidity of our elected politicians and many of their advisors. And then to take it one step further the Lemmings that keep voting for them. The “Peter Principal” has never been so obvious in our population. If you have not been warned of it, look it up and then look around you at the hundreds of examples facing us every day. The most obvious can be found in our elected politicians, civil servants are way up there along with the teaching trade and for sure private enterprise has it’s fair share of dopes that have more than reached the pinnacle of incompetence. The population where you see the least number of Peter Principle graduates is in Private enterprise and commissioned sales people. They only need to move up a couple of rungs on the PP ladder before they realize that they have to smarten up or go get a job with the government. You might detect a slight prejudice as I did work all my life on straight commission so of course I must know what I am talking about.

Most of the time I stand in the short line when it comes to taking sides on issues of politics, religion, morals and most subjects, sometimes just to be confrontational but most times because I come from the old school that taught the Victorian values that are being ignored and put aside to-day. My country is becoming an embarrassment to me and I am less and less proud to be a Canadian. Even 30 years ago I would never have thought to voice such a radical thought. Our Federal government however has failed its people by not keeping up to its most important obligation -- --that being, providing adequate military forces and equipment to protect its citizens. That has always been government's first responsibility.  Our forces are at their lowest point for protecting the people ever. The equipment is sub standard and in short supply and to mount any kind of force we would have to go out on the open market and lease equipment. Our navy could barely keep a couple of ships in the north, our most prized and vulnerable coast. We don’t even have a supply ship for them.

We as a people are not allowed to protect ourselves as the powers that be will not allow a woman to carry even a pepper spray. The possession of a fire arm is almost a jailable offence. We are burdened by unenforceable laws and hundreds of new taxes that were not even heard of 30 years ago. And yet we are the only country in the world that has no laws on the books regarding Abortion. We look away when Feticide is suspected and if the Liberals have their way Euthanasia and many drugs will be legalized.

Many thousands of Muslims are now entering our country on a wholesale basis with very little regard for their ability to provide for themselves, putting a strain on our fragile resources and creating even longer wait lines for health care. Very little thought has gone into the impact on our society by a religion that preaches death to any one not in step with their perverted beliefs.

Our native people are making a mockery out of the government by holding them ransom for many important projects that are necessary for the general population. These are but a few of my concerns that our federal government has responsibility for.

If the list above was not long and bad enough, what about the  “PP” Peter Principle honour grads running the Ontario Provincial government?

When Dalton McGuinty skulked away to the USA to avoid responsibility and certain jail time for the gas plant scandal, it was good riddance except for the fact that now we have a, if it is possible, a real winner, a person that when I was  child, we were never to speak in public about. Yes, Kathlene Wynne who has prided herself by being a true politician.  She will go down in history as the worst possible individual that has ever sat in power at Queens Park. From her first day in Office she has lied and cheated the people of this province and cost every man, woman and child living here many thousands of dollars. She went against her own appointed team's recommendations to NOT go ahead with her nutty plan for wind and solar power eventually replacing all fossil fuels with electricity. She did not take advantage on two occasions to get out of the multibillion dollar contracts she made that were only beneficial to the windmill industry. She ignored advice from the professionals that warned that the wind was more prevalent at night when our demands were at their lowest, now we tax payers pay 22.5 cents to produce wind power and sell the unneeded for 2.2 cents, a loss, or we just give it away for an even bigger loss. However, she is out there signing more contracts for more multimillion dollar blights on our pristine farmland.

 A subject that is very close to my heart is the education of our children. Before becoming Premier of this once great province, Wynne was Minister of Education. Working with her was a Dr. Benjamin Levin, he is the pervert that was convicted or soon will be convicted of child porn. This subject is closely guarded and not much information is available to the public. Dr. Ben is the brains behind the new sex education that is teaching our children in public school all about anal and oral sex and that it is Ok to change your sex if you feel like it.

 Kate and Ben, birds of a Feather must stick together.

It is pretty obvious I don’t have much respect for those two and many more of high ranking positions in our school system. For many, it is not about the children’s welfare but how can I get a better position and prove once more what a great PP student I am. 

My wife and I are the proud parents of two boys that were born profoundly deaf way back in the early 60’s. What goes around comes around and that is exactly what is happening in my lifetime.

One of our boys had a handicap in addition to his deafness, he has a perceptual problem.  At the age of 6 we were informed by the school principal, Miss Grant that arrangements were being made to move Michael to a mental hospital. My wife spent three months fighting the system before Michael was accepted in the School for the Deaf in Bellville, a long way from home but not a mental hospital. Later we found that Michael’s inability to keep up with the curriculum was tarnishing Miss. Grant’s record. Michael is looking forward to an early retirement and is mortgage free and living in Toronto.

What is now coming around is Wynne’s Plan to close at least two of the five schools for the deaf in Ontario which will be devastating to the children and the parents. Deaf children have special needs and contrary to many in the education field in this province, they need specially trained teachers and except for some rare cases need one on one help for their first few months of schooling. Many, however are like our boy with multiple needs, where will they be housed? We hear so much from this government about the problems with bullies, I fear for these families and helpless children that will have no say about their destiny when the bullies close the schools and leave the most vulnerable without a voice.

Just yesterday, my dear friend Dr. Bob Rumball passed away at the age of 87. He was a great spokesman for the deaf community. He has left a huge void which I hope will be filled by another man or woman of God.

My life is drawing to a close and I will not have to endure the tragic mistakes perpetrated on a public that is becoming more and more unable to change the system. The people that built this country and those that carried on after are all but gone. Will a Trump be able to save that great USA? Will the young Justin be up to the challenge here? He will have to be much better than his Father.

I hope so, I fear not.


Paul D. Scott.



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