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So Sad    February 2016


In the past, every new generation would hear the same droning from their parents that life was much harder when we were young. That is changing, for the world we live in to-day is becoming more cruel and Godless and filled with leaders that are in high places and ruling not for the good of the populous but for their own greed and to feed their insatiable egos. I am not talking about some foreign country; I am referring to my homeland, Canada.

My ancestors arrived here at the turn of the 20th century with no money and no safety nets. Not like to-day, newly arrived folks are set up better than many who have had a struggle to make a decent living. My Grandparents struggled to make a new life for themselves and their families. They worked hard and went where ever they had to and did whatever job no matter how menial to get ahead. They lost sons fighting for the freedoms that we seniors hold so dear. Freedoms and assets that are being squandered by left wing whackoos who are in charge of our country to-day. We elected them partly by our new Canadians that saw the success of our efforts and wanted to share in these benefits. They fail to understand that we live the life we live because of the work and sacrifice that went into this country by our hard working ancestors. The generation coming up behind me, I am 80 years old, are to blame as well as they are the first generation to really benefit from years of struggle by their parents and grandparents. They have had a pretty easy time and now are benefitting from their ancestor’s labours. They are in good financial shape and their children are doing well so let’s be kind and generous (Liberals) to those new folk that are arriving here, and of course they will remember and vote for more give a ways. The problem is that there are fewer and fewer working to support more and more not working and not contributing to our society. Seniors are living longer and there are more and more of us demanding services that we have paid for and have been promised. These promises are being overlooked and given away to new Canadians that have yet to earn them.

So Sad, The headlines in my morning newspaper to-day read - 

Free tuition for low income families, Cap-and-trade will mean that gas prices go up, - A new era of tax and spend is born- Students win in budget, TERRORISTS to be CANADIAN again,-Euthanasia report opens door to mature teens.

What a bundle of sad commentary on our country. We are giving free tuition for a higher education if the family is earning under $50,000 a year. That sounds great but what about the kid that comes from a family that earns a bit more than 50 grand? Where does the work ethic come into play? We know that few college kids do much the first year, just a lot of fun and freedom. If they don’t have to contribute to their education  through their own efforts, how many more will fill the schools with fun loving expensive education bills to the taxpayer. We will educate them for free and if they don’t feel good about themselves we as a society will assist them to commit suicide. That along with Abortion and Feticide, this country has covered all ages for elected death assistance with our government support.

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