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Lockdown is Criminal 

December 30, 2020

We are now into another idiotic lockdown that has been deemed by the so-called experts. Doug Ford has fallen victim to this horrible legislation that so many other politicians have listened to. Scientists and medical professionals have really no idea what harm they have inflicted on the populations of the world. These people are lying to us by telling us they are experts. They have been hard pressed to correctly predict even 20% of their forecasts. THESE PEOPLE MAY BE EXPERTS IN PANDEMICS, BUT THIS IS NEW, AND EXPERTS HAVE NOT BEEN ESTABLISED YET.

If lockdowns and wearing masks worked, California would not be where it is compared to Florida. Florida has an open society. We know that the virus does poorly in the open warm air and yet California has closed all restaurants that have indoor and outdoor dining, what a fool this Brad Newsom is. Florida also has a much larger senior population and it would seem they should be far worse off.

 As I have written in former letters, masks that we wear like lemmings because some politician says we should, do not work. The material even doubled or tripled can not filter the viruses that is about 100 times finer than our present masks. We wear them because we are forced to. It is a make us feel good law. The world needs to put this covid crap behind us and get on with our lives or if we don’t, there will be no life to return to. No restaurants, no sports, no theater, no church or hymn singing, no mama and pappa retail. Far too many families are starving and suffering needlessly, far too many have lost their business that they have put their whole being into, while big business is raking in huge profits. Is this an underground sneaky trick to put the middle-class out of business? If it is, we should remember that more people are employed by small business than the box stores and robot run manufacturers. There is not one person in our country that is not an essential worker, we are all essential to someone, even if it is only to our own well being. For almost a year our society has been pounded with scare tactics and false news reports on how devastating this plague is. Too many have died and have had their lives changed for ever because of the panic the media, big business, social media and political leaders have forced down our throats. Mental illness, suicides, family break ups, loss of business and jobs have all taken a toll as much or more as the virus itself.

Why is blame not heaped on the Chinese government? Where are our leaders that should be going after China on our behalf?  In the USA, they had a leader that was not afraid of the Chinese elite and the left-wing Democrats cheated him out of his presidency.  Biden is in bed with the Chinese. We do not have a leader that has the balls to stand up to them anywhere.  I fear that our societies as we know them are doomed if we allow the Progressives and the radical left to take over.

I have been accused of being many things including grouchy, senile, neglect of my duties as a father and member of society which I must take offence too. However, I do try to do my part by expressing my contempt and disapproval when ever I can. Either in letters to my government representatives or on my web site. We do have a responsibility to our children and our grandchildren to express in what ever way we can, our views and our opinions to try to better our world. Knowledge of what is going on around us is essential if we want a better world for future generations. We all must be more aware and not just join the crowd without gaining some total knowledge. Some personalities are offensive but actions do speak louder than words. This is the time to take action in what ever way we find appropriate for our selves.  This is my outlet, what can you do to save our social well being?   Paul D. Scott.

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